Monday, November 1, 2010

President Obama Asks New Black Panthers to serve as Poll Watchers

Washington DC, Nov 1, 2010. President Obama announced today that he was requesting that the New Black Panthers assist  as poll watchers for tomorrow's Congressional Elections.

"It is vital that these elections are allowed to proceed fairly and democratically, and without any interference from those Tea Bagging Thugs like Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, or Sean Hannity," the President told reporters gathered on the White House lawn today.

"To keep this election honest I am requesting that the New Black Panthers dispatch poll watchers to assure that there will be no tampering by Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, or the U.S. Supreme Court, like there was in the 2000 election," he said.

"The New Black Panthers, or Citizens Militia as I prefer to call them, will have full authority to administer swift justice whenever they discover any improprieties and suspicious behavior,"  the President said.

"We have had reports of dangerous activities by white hate groups like the Tea Baggers, The Republican Party, and Fox News," the President went on to say, "and the New Black Panthers have my full faith and confidence in their ability to keep this election honest."

A spokesperson for ACORN, Moeisha Williams-Rodgers told us "criminals like Glen Beck and Sarah Palin must be prevented from disrupting our democratic process."

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