Sunday, October 31, 2010

Terror Plot Thwarted

Washington DC. Oct 31, 2010. When Tim Geitner got to work on preparing the 2011 Federal Budget (which was due over a month ago) he noticed that the Treasury Department was dangerously low on red toner needed for the project.

He ordered 12 red toner cartridges from the lowest cost vendor, Achmed's Toner For Less, a Federally certified minority vendor headquartered in Yemen. Achmed's is a well known and reliable vendor that is often used by this administration.

However, you can imagine his shock and surprise when Mr. Geitner heard that the shippment was being held by postal inspectors when a bomb sniffing dog began howling and pointing to the package at the DC Central Postal Depot.

And to further compound the problem two of the twelve packages had been redirected to various Synagogues in the Chicago area.

After analysis by the FBI Crime Lab, preliminary tests indicated the packages contained the powerful industrial explosive PETN, the same chemical used in the Christmas attack, U.S. officials said. The tests had not been confirmed.

President Barack Obama called the coordinated pre-election attacks a "credible terrorist threat," and U.S. officials said they were increasingly confident that al-Qaida's Yemen branch, the group responsible for the failed Detroit airliner bombing last Christmas, was responsible.

Mohammed Farouk Ridahl, spokesman for Achmed's Toner for Less told this reporter "We know nothing about this. Obviously these packages have been tampered with by Jews who are trying to make us look bad, and trying to make us lose a valuable customer. Achmed's has never had a problem like this before, so it seems very suspicious to us."

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