Thursday, October 27, 2011

Billionaires Protest Against Themselves

Buffett sat on the lobby floor and refused to move.
Zurich, Switzerland, Oct 27, 2011. Wealthy investor and Barack Obama sponsor Warren Buffet led a group of billionaires today in a protest he calls "Occupy Zurich."  The group of well dressed old white men are staging a protest against themselves in the lobby of the Bank of Zurich.

"We felt sympathy with the Occupy Wall Street protests, but we felt left out, so we decided to stage a protest of their own," Buffett told us.

Joining Buffett in today's protest were Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, wealthy currency speculator George Soros, and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"We are fed up with ourselves, and we demand change" Mr. Gates said, echoing the sentiments of the other protesting billionaires.

The billionaires are protesting their own lavish lifestyles. They feel that the government should raise taxes on the middle class, so that the poor can have more. "There is really no point in raising our taxes," Bill Gates told us, "since we rarely pay any income taxes at all. We have lots of loopholes, deductions, and tax shelters. It's just like how Warren brags about his secretary paying more income tax than he does!"

The plan is to protest against themselves, so the real protesters will think that the billionaires are in solidarity with them. That way, they can channel their anger towards reelecting Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, rather than in making any meaningful reforms.

Billionaire George Soros chimed in, saying: "The most important thing is to reelect Obama, and if necessary I will spend every penny I have to reelect him."
Billionaire George Soros and his puppet

"I can always get the money back by investing in some phoney green project designed to bilk the taxpayers.  The taxpayers will take all the risk, and I will get all the rewards!"

"I made a fortune when my Brazilian oil company started drilling for oil in the Gulf after President Obama banned American companies from drilling there."

"And I've got a big investment in this this $97,000 electric hybrid green car made in Finland. I bet I quadruple my money on that deal. These are really good times for us billionaires!"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Obama's Corporate Cronyism Strikes Again!

President Obama with solar panels
Washington DC. Oct 26, 2011. The Energy Department announced Wednesday that is has finalized a $737 million loan guarantee for a solar project in Harry Reid's Nevada.

The decision comes several weeks after a California-based solar manufacturer that received a $535 million loan guarantee from the Obama administration in 2009 filed for bankruptcy and laid off 1,100 workers, setting off a firestorm in Washington.

The $737 million loan guarantee will help finance construction of the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project, a 110-megawatt solar-power-generating facility in Nye County, Nev. The project is sponsored by Tonopah Solar, a subsidiary of California-based SolarReserve.

Crescent Dunes is the latest solar project to receive a loan guarantee from the Energy Department in recent weeks. The department announced a $1.2 billion loan guarantee to Abengoa Solar for a solar generation project in California and a $150 million loan guarantee to 1366 Technologies for a Massachusetts solar manufacturing project earlier this month. The Energy Department says the project will result in 600 construction jobs and 45 permanent jobs. That's costing us just $16 million per job. 

Any "jobs bill" that creates jobs that cost the government $16 million per job isn't a jobs bill at all. It's a sweetheart deal sponsored by the taxpayers to reward the President's corporate donors, friends or special interests.

The Pelosi family cashes in on your generosity
But few people know the connection between this massive taxpayer funded giveaway and Nancy Pelosi's brother in law.

One of the investment partners in this endeavor is Pacific Corporate Group (PCG).The PCG executive director is Ron Pelosi who is the brother to Nancy's husband. 

And don't let anyone kid you and tell you these are "loans" and not gifts.  Because when these shady projects go belly up the government never gets our money back. Just like what happened in the Solyndra case, in which our $535 million disappeared into thin air.

This is just more Obama style corporate cronyism.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spin Cycle Celebrates First Anniverary!

One year ago today The Spin Cycle began publication! Since then we have published 310 articles, providing our readers with the latest news, biting commentary, and the most accurate reporting of any news source on the internet.

To celebrate this anniversay, I am reprinting our very first story from exactly one year ago today. A year ago President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, was telling us how "the recession was over" thanks to his policies. However, the truth is that our economy keeps getting worse the longer he is in office.

This story will show you how little things have changed in a year.

Strong Recovery in Progress!

Washington DC, Oct 25, 2010. The White House announced today that the September unemployment numbers confirm that a strong economic recovery is in full swing.

Robert Gibbs, President Obama's Press Secretary, told reporters today "We have some really wonderful news about September unemployment statistics.

While we did lose 95,000 more jobs due to the residual effects of the Bush Administration, President Obama skillfully saved another 5,000,000 jobs last month. thus creating a net gain of 4,005,000 jobs!"

Numbers like this are proof that President Obama's "Vacation A Lot to Stimulate The Economy" plan is working exactly as intended. "This months lavish vacation to India should save another 10,000,000 jobs" Gates went on to say.

Democrat leaders are hoping that strong economic results like these will propel their party to victory in next week's election.

CNBC Senior Political Analyst Chris Mathews told this reporter "This is really wonderful news. My leg is tingling again. The Obama Magic is back!"

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Orders Crackdown on OWS Protesters

Some protesters were seen eating salt.... Others were seen smoking cigarettes

Bloomberg has reached his limit.
NYC, Oct 24, 2011. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has had enough!

When reports came to his office that some of the protesters involved in the "Occupy Wall Street" protest were seen eating salt filled snack foods, and smoking cigarettes in public places, he decided to crack down on the socially unacceptable lawlessness.

The New York City Mayor told us he just couldn't tolerate this reckless lawbreaking anymore.

"It's one thing to protest the inequity of having to pay back student loans, but when they started eating banned foods, and smoking noxious tobacco products, then it was time to crack down."

The Mayor explained that cigarette smoking is intolerable in NYC because "everyone is subjected to their horrible and deadly fumes." This was a public health issue he insisted, and not an attempt to undermine anyone's right to dissent. Similarly, eating salty snack foods, some of which were fried in dangerous trans fat oils, puts enormous strain on our Public Health system. "These are nothing more than poisons," he told us.

Bloomberg said he had no objection to protestors eating healthy vegetables in public places, like broccoli and carrot sticks, or smoking much less dangerous substances like marijuana and hashish that are so popular in NYC.  "We just had to draw the line someplace," the three term mayor said.

This youth was caught eating potato chips
The NYPD arrested 38 protestors, hauling them off to a detention center in lower Manhattan where they will be duly charged with with these serious violations of law. "They will all get fair trials, and will all be represented by public defenders," the Mayor assured us.

Bloomberg denied that this crackdown had anything to do with him personally being in the "top 1% of the top 1%" as one of the wealthiest men in America today. "I agree with everything these protestors say."

"I'm all for eating the rich, and reelecting President Obama, but when they start eating salty foods, and smoking tobacco, then they have crossed the line. Something had to be done!"

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Occupy the White House" Protest Continues

Radical Group Leader- Barry Soetoro
Washington DC, Oct 23, 2011. A group of leftwing radicals have occupied the White House in protest to the policies of former President GW Bush.

The protest began on Jan. 20, 2009, when the radical group's leader, Barry Soetoro, a citizen of Kenya, was sworn in as President of the United States using the assumed name of "Barack Hussein Obama."

The stated goals of this group, who call themselves "democrats" is to impose a Marxist totalitarian form of government on the USA, in order to "spread the wealth around" and reward their sponsors in large global corporations and huge multi national banks.

Their main goal is the reelection of President Obama, with the additional goal of making him "President for Life" much like Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez.

The radical group has listed their additional "Sixteen Demands" as follows:

Hillary Clinton is part of this group
* Socialize Medicine
* Create a huge national crippling debt
* Drive the unemployment rate higher
* Invite more illegal aliens here
* Make unemployment a way of life
* Reduce the size of the Middle Class
* Set a new record for people living below the poverty level
* Make all fuel, especially gasoline more expensive
* Drive up the cost of food and other necessary things
* Ship more American jobs to China
* Insure that failed banks and brokerages get bailouts
* Launch more wars in the Middle East
* Greatly expand Government by creating more bureaucracy
* Put more people on Welfare and food stamps
* Raise the taxes of everyone with a job
* Weaken the military by all means possible

So far, they have achieved most of their goals in the relatively short time since President Obama has been in office. But the radical group desperately wants the President to win a second term, so he can continue and expand their agenda. The protest is seen as a way to draw more support to this group of misfits and malcontents.

Radical Democrats stage protest at White House
Spokesman for the radical group, William Ayers told us:
"Along with his other friends Soros, Buffett and  Immelt, we are all working hard to make Barry the permanent President of the USA. We can then move forward on our agenda to make America a third world nation again."

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Opinion: There are no jobs that Americans won't do

Some people like to say that illegal aliens take the jobs that Americans refuse to do. But while this sounds nice, I think it is blatantly false. People who promote free trade and globalism use this argument to justify lax enforcement of immigration laws.

But the truth is, illegal workers only serve to depress the wages of all Americans, because there is no industry where illegal workers comprise a majority of the workers.

They become a portion in each group, and are the portion that is willing to work for less wages and lower or no benefits. They are the portion who deprives the lowest skilled American workers of jobs. And the irony of this is that these are usually legal immigrants or minority group members.

Even in menial, low paying, job categories Americans are still the overwhelming majority of workers. Wages are depressed whenever you introduce millions of unskilled illegal workers, all of whom will work for less and are just grateful to have jobs.

Lately, Mexico's biggest export is "unskilled workers" and their biggest import is "money orders sent home from the USA." This situation is probably good for Mexico and good for employers who want the cheapest labor, but it is bad for everyone else.

In 2005 there were approximately 7.2 million illegal immigrants working in our civilian workforce. They accounted for 4.9% of the 148 million workers we had.

And while 31% of them were in service jobs, and 19% were doing construction work, they were in no case essential to these industries.

They just displaced American workers who couldn't take wage and benefit cuts.

To some, these percentages sound as though illegal aliens are necessary for these jobs to get done. Yet, illegal immigrants actually comprise a very tiny portion of the workforce here, just 4.9%.

So even though they have high representation in some industries, they are still not the majority. Moreover, even though their total representation is small, it is still big enough to make the difference between a good economic condition for us (like 4% unemployment) and a horrible one for us (like our current 9.1% rate).

Just remember that every American worker displaced by an illegal alien ends up drawing unemployment insurance, food stamps and sometimes even welfare. This is the hidden cost of illegal immigration that often goes unseen by us.

No other nation on earth permits or encourages illegal immigration like we do. No other nation has "sanctuary cities" in which local authorities refuse to cooperate with federal authorities in enforcing federal law. No other nation elects politicians and judges who think law breakers should be entitled to generous taxpayer supplied benefits.

We currently have a President, Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, who has PREVENTED local authorities from enforcing immigration laws, out of sympathy for the illegal immigrants.

And President Obama has family members (his uncle Omar and an aunt Zeituni) who are here illegally, and drawing welfare benefits. Both of whom are here illegally on expired visas, but are still allowed to stay in violation of law.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Americans Standard of Living Drops Sharply

Times are good for President Obama
Washington DC. Oct 20, 2011. The standard of living for Americans has fallen longer and more steeply over the past three years than at any time since the US government began recording it five decades ago.

The average individual now has $1,315 less in disposable income than he or she did three years ago at the onset of the Great Recession. That means less money to spend at the movies, less for vacations, less for home improvements, or dinner at a restaurant.

In short, it means a less vibrant economy, with more Americans spending primarily on necessities.

The diminished standard of living, moreover, is squeezing the middle class, whose restlessness and discontent are evident in grass-roots movements such as the tea party and "Occupy Wall Street" and who may take out their frustrations on incumbent politicians in next year's election.

What has led to the most dramatic drop in the US standard of living since at least 1960? One factor is stagnant incomes: Real median income is down 9.8 percent since the start of the recession through this June, according to Sentier Research in Annapolis, Md., citing census bureau data. Another is falling net worth – think about the value of your home and, if you have one, your retirement portfolio. A third is rising consumer prices, with inflation eroding people's buying power by 3.25 percent since mid-2008.

The First Lady still enjoys lavish vacations
"In a dynamic economy, one would expect Americans' disposable income to be growing, but it has flattened out at a low level," says economist Bob Brusca of Fact & Opinion Economics in New York.

To be sure, the recession has hit unevenly, with lower-skilled and less-educated Americans feeling the pinch the most, says Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody's based in West Chester, Pa. Many found their jobs gone for good as companies moved production offshore or bought equipment that replaced manpower.

"The pace of change has been incredibly rapid and incredibly tough on the less educated," says Mr. Zandi, who calls this period the most difficult for American households since the 1930s. "If you don't have the education and you don't have the right skills, then you are getting creamed."

Per capita disposal personal income – a key indicator of the standard of living – peaked in the spring of 2008, at $33,794 (measured as after-tax income). As of the second quarter of 2011, it was $32,479 – almost a 4 percent drop. If per capita disposable income had continued to grow at its normal pace, it would have been more than $34,000 a year by now.

The so-called misery index, another measure of economic well-being of American households, echoes the finding on the slipping standard of living.

The index, a combination of the unemployment rate and inflation, is now at its highest point since 1983, when the US economy was recovering from a short recession and from the energy price spikes after the Iranian revolution.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Glimpse Into Our Future; This Could Happen Here

The protests in Greece turned violent today
Athens, Greece. Oct 19. 2011.  The Financial Times is reporting today that Greece has erupted in violence as the Greek Parliament passed their austerity package designed to prevent the nation's economic collapse.

The Greek Parliament had no other option, having borrowed so much that they cannot possibly pay it back without dire cuts in government service.

From the Financial Times:

"A protest by more than 100,000 striking workers did not deter Greek lawmakers on Wednesday evening from approving the country’s latest austerity package at its first reading, by 154 votes to 141.

The result, which followed a day when clouds of smoke billowed over the Athens skyline after angry rioters set fire to piles of rotting rubbish and clashed with police in one of the biggest demonstrations seen in the Greek capital for decades, was a success for prime minister George Papandreou, improving the odds that Greece will be able to draw down the next €8bn tranche of its bailout loan from international lenders." 

We in the USA are going down the same path as Greece has. Our government has lied to us by telling us we can borrow and spend our way back to prosperity. 

President Obama does not understand the math
In the end we simply must stop spending money we don't have, because eventually there will be no one left willing to lend us more.

President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, is convinced the solution lies in more spending, which can easily be financed by raising taxes on the "top 1%."

Obama's own class warfare rhetoric has inspired all these protests in the streets, which have so far been mostly peaceful. It will not take much for these protesters to turn to violence, especially if the President keeps encouraging them.

But the problem for Obama is that our top 1% simply doesn't have enough money to fund all the generous government programs he wants. Right now, the "top 1%" pays 40% of all Federal Income taxes, and pays about the same in taxes than the "bottom 95%," with the next 4% paying the other 20%.

The reason for this is because the "bottom 40%" pay virtually no income taxes. In fact, many get Earned Income Credits, which are a type of "reverse tax" in which low wage earners get a tax refund, even if they paid no taxes.

President Obama keeps saying that the top earners don't pay enough.  Using his logic, the top 1% should be paying much more, and everyone else should be paying much less.

But... what happens if you keep increasing the tax burden on the rich, and lowering it on everyone else, while simultaneously adding more new very costly government programs like Obama-care, for example?

Eventually, you end up with no one left to tax, once you make everyone poor. Then the whole house of cards comes crashing down and the riots begin.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

President Obama's Teleprompter Stolen in Virginia

Local Police round up suspect
Richmond VA, Oct 18, 2011.  A van containing President Obama's teleprompter and podium were stolen from a Virginia hotel parking lot on Monday, NBC12 in Richmond reports.

The truck was parked at the Virginia Center Commons Courtyard Marriott near Richmond before the president's scheduled Wednesday appearance in Chesterfield, the Richmond station reports.

In addition to the teleprompter, $200,000 worth of audio equipment and presidential seals mounted on Obama's podium were inside the stolen vehicle.

The truck was recovered on Monday at 12:30 p.m. at a Holiday Inn Express near the Richmond airport.

The Defense Information Systems Agency released the following statement on the incident:
"A government vehicle was stolen and has been recovered. No classified or sensitive information was in the vehicle. We take incidents such as this very seriously, and a formal investigation is continuing in coordination with relevant law enforcement agencies."
At this time, officials have not said if any other items were missing from the van.

Angry President demands return of teleprompter
President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, has angrily demanded that the thieves return his teleprompter. "They can keep the Presidential seals, and the audio equipment, but I need my teleprompter back" President Obama said, reading off a 3"x5" index card.

The Defense Information System Agency said Tuesday in a statement that a government vehicle was stolen and then recovered. The theft is being investigated in coordination with law enforcement agencies.

Friday, October 7, 2011

President Obama Spins Another Tall Tale

Washington DC, Oct 7, 2011. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, spun a work of creative nonfiction yesterday in his latest pitch for his jobs plan, fudging the facts of a Boston schoolteacher’s "White House visit" as he portrayed the man as a poster boy for his jobs bill.

“I had a chance to meet a young man named Robert Baroz,” the president said at a midday news conference. “He’s got two decades of teaching experience. He’s got a master’s degree. He’s got an outstanding track record of helping his students make huge gains in reading and writing. 

In the last few years, he’s received three pink slips because of budget cuts. Why wouldn’t we want to pass a bill that puts somebody like Robert back in the classroom teaching our kids?”

There are two problems with this. First of all, Obama never met Baroz. And secondly, Baroz remains happily employed. He did get three pink slips in the past four years due to budget cuts, but each time his job was saved by additional spending bills.

"Just shut up and pass the bill"
It's really interesting that the President wanted to stress Baroz's skills in his tall tale. Because in Boston his skills really don't matter. His union seniority does. Obama seems to be implying "we are losing a great teacher due to budget cuts"... when the truth is "we are losing a good teacher due to his lack of union seniority."

The budget cuts just would have made him the first to go. The School Board does not have the option to fire the worst teachers and keep the best ones. They must fire the last ones hired first.

So the President seems be saying that we should never fire any teacher. No matter what the budget situation is. Whether this is a sound policy you can decide for yourself.

President Obama did have a chance to meet Baroz, but they never actually met. The closest Baroz actually got to Obama was the front row of a Rose Garden press conference on the jobs bill in September, with a handful of other teachers. He later met with White House aides and Obama’s education chief, but never met the president.

White House spokeswoman Joanna Rosholm said: “The President highlighted the story of a great Boston teacher who is not in the classroom today because his school, like so many across the country is facing a budget crunch. If Congress will pass the American Jobs Act, then we can put thousands of teachers like Mr. Baroz back in the classroom.” 

Robert Baroz
Baroz, who supports Obama and his efforts to expand the government, said that he doesn’t mind if the president, or his speechwriters, took some liberties with the facts. It was all in aid of a higher truth, he said.

“People who want to fuss over the word choice are missing the point. It’s about our investing in education and in communities,” Baroz said. 

Essentially, Baroz was saying the President used him as a metaphor. 

“It was technically correct; yes, I did lose my position three times within four years in the Boston Public Schools. To me, the question he posed to the people was a rhetorical question. The emphasis was on ‘like Robert.’ It’s people who are like me, highly qualified, and are not working. That’s the spirit of it.”

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Biden Wins 6th Annual "Bob Barker Look-a-Like Contest"

Atlantic City NJ, Oct 6, 2011. Vice President Joe Biden, D-DE, easily won the trophy in this year's Bob Barker Look-A-Like Contest at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort here. Biden entered against a field of 44 contestants from the USA and several foreign nations, and easily won the two day contest.

Bob Barker, the legendary game show host, was actually one of the judges. Mr. Barker told us after the contest that Joe Biden did the best job of capturing his spirit and personality. "It was like looking in a mirror" he said "this guy could even fool my own mother, God rest her soul." 

This was the sixth annual contest, and the first time Vice President Biden has entered. The judges were especially impressed by his performance during the talent competition where he sang all three verses of the Tiny Tim classic hit "Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me."

"This is a real shock and a genuine honor"
Afterwards, the Vice President told us he was shocked that he won. "I honestly didn't expect to win. Especially after my poor showing in the Swimsuit Competition," he told us.

Donald Trump presented the gold plated trophy to the Vice President saying "You worked hard for this award, and you deserved to win it."

The trophy came with a $500 check, and Biden said he will enter the contest again next year. "Unless someone new comes along, I think I can win this thing again," he said.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why the U.S. Credit Rating was Downgraded

I don't think most people understand how bad our nation's financial condition is today. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Keyna, is still convinced that our national credit rating was downgraded because "Standard and Poors made a mistake!"

Well... lets look at the actual numbers:

U.S. Tax revenue (income)...................$2,170,000,000,000
U.S. Budget (spending).......................$3,820,000,000,000
U.S. Deficit ("new debt")......................$1,650,000,000,000
U.S. National Debt............................$14,271,000,000,000
U.S. Debt added in last three years......$4,070,000,000,000
U.S. Welfare Spending...........................$495,600,000,000
U.S. Spending on Foreign Aid..................$56,800,000,000

U.S. Budget cuts made.........................$38,500,000,000

These numbers are so huge that it is sometimes hard to understand them, so lets remove 8 zeros and pretend this is a household budget instead of a national budget. Perhaps this will put it into a context that we can more easily understand::

Household salary (income)..................................$21,700
Household spending...........................................$38,200
Household borrowing..........................................$16,500
Accumulated credit card debt............................$142,710
Household Debt added in last three years............$40,700
Household spending for charity.............................$4,956 Gifts to friends and neighbors..................................$568

Household Spending cuts made..........................$385

If you were a lender, would you consider this loan applicant a "good risk?" Would you give them a good credit rating? 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Harry Reid Blocks Obama Jobs Bill. Obama Blames GOP

Reid says "I really had no choice"
Washington DC, Oct 4, 2011. The Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, campaign sent out an email today asking supporters to urge Congress to at least vote on the president’s jobs bill almost immediately after Democratic majority leader Harry Reid blocked a vote on the bill in the Senate. 

On the Senate floor today, Republican leader Mitch McConnell asked for unanimous consent to proceed on voting on the bill. 

Reid, who has struggled to find enough votes for the bill in the Democratic caucus, objected to the motion and killed the opportunity for a vote. 

About ten minutes later, Jim Messina, Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, emailed this message to supporters:
"President Obama is in Dallas today urging Americans who support the American Jobs Act to demand that Congress pass it already.

Though it's been nearly a month since he laid out this plan, House Republicans haven't acted to pass it. And House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is out there actually bragging that they won't even put the jobs package up for a vote -- ever.

It's not clear which part of the bill they now object to: building roads, hiring teachers, getting veterans back to work. They're willing to block the American Jobs Act -- and they think you won't do anything about it.

But here's something you can do: Find Republican members of Congress on Twitter, call them out, and demand they pass this bill."
But, it wasn't Republicans who blocked the bill. It was Democrat Senate majority leader Harry Reid!

Senate Republicans sought to answer President Obama’s demands for a vote on his jobs plan this afternoon, but were thwarted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), who used a parliamentary maneuver meant to block amendments on the Senate floor. Reid then proceeded to accuse Republicans of “obstruction” and engaging in a “political stunt.”

Reid used a procedural move known as “filling the tree” – a tactic Reid has perfected during his tenure in the Senate leadership.  Filling the tree involves loading legislation with amendments until the limit is reached. Since the majority leader enjoys "the right of first recognition" this means he can offer amendments before anyone else.

This is how Harry Reid feels about you
Reid managed to fill the tree before Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) could offer the president’s jobs plan as an amendment to a bill cracking down on Chinese currency manipulation.

Reid blocked the bill because he knew it would fail if it came to a vote. There just weren't enough votes for it, even on the Democrat side of the aisle.

President Obama's own party was rejecting his bill because it had permanent tax hikes built into it... in exchange for a few temporary jobs.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sharpton's Group Admits Passing out Scam Forms

Sharpton denies any knowledge of this scam
Atlanta, Oct 2, 2011.  Last week more than 700 senior citizens filled out a form promising a $500 check from the American Opportunities Stimulus Program.

They supplied information like their name, address, birth date and social security numbers, all with the promise of getting a Visa Check card in return. But on Thursday, Fulton County government put out a warning that it might be an identity theft scam.

Fulton County even sent their own camera crew to the Atlanta headquarters of Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network, where the forms were being handed out by Vanessa Emerson and her son,  Brandon. 

The National Action Network is Sharpton's own community organizing group, much like Jesse Jackson's own Rainbow Coalition, or Barack Obama's ACORN.

In the video Vanessa Emerson can be seen brandishing a photo copy of a U.S. Treasury check saying, "I'm going to show ya'll, I got my money," to encourage senior citizens to fill out the form so they could get "their money too."

After the alarm went out, Brandon Emerson returned hundreds of the forms to the NAN headquarters at 632 Peoples Street so they could be given back to the seniors who filled them out. Even though his mother was wearing a NAN tee-shirt in the Fulton County government video, her son claimed they are not affiliated with the organization.

Worried seniors continued to stream to the local NAN headquarters on Friday fearing someone may be trying to steal their identities.

"I am scared and I'm going to the bank now and put a fraudulent lock on my account," senior Bobbie Early told 11 Alive News on Friday.

Eventually the Southeast Regional Director for NAN showed up at the headquarters and began reassuring seniors no one was going to compromise the information.

Tyleis Speight admitted that the forms had been collected there, but claimed she was a victim, too. "National Action Network has been frauded as well," Speight said. She said they're still trying to find out who was responsible.

Vanessa Emerson displays a copy of her check
 Reached by phone on Friday, Vanessa Emerson said she and her son had no idea the forms they'd been collecting might be fake. She said they were going out of town and would comment more when they return next week.

The national NAN office insisted they knew nothing about what had happened.

"We had no knowledge of what was going on," said NAN Executive Director Tamika Mallory. "We would never authorize anything like that," she added.