Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spin Cycle Celebrates First Anniverary!

One year ago today The Spin Cycle began publication! Since then we have published 310 articles, providing our readers with the latest news, biting commentary, and the most accurate reporting of any news source on the internet.

To celebrate this anniversay, I am reprinting our very first story from exactly one year ago today. A year ago President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, was telling us how "the recession was over" thanks to his policies. However, the truth is that our economy keeps getting worse the longer he is in office.

This story will show you how little things have changed in a year.

Strong Recovery in Progress!

Washington DC, Oct 25, 2010. The White House announced today that the September unemployment numbers confirm that a strong economic recovery is in full swing.

Robert Gibbs, President Obama's Press Secretary, told reporters today "We have some really wonderful news about September unemployment statistics.

While we did lose 95,000 more jobs due to the residual effects of the Bush Administration, President Obama skillfully saved another 5,000,000 jobs last month. thus creating a net gain of 4,005,000 jobs!"

Numbers like this are proof that President Obama's "Vacation A Lot to Stimulate The Economy" plan is working exactly as intended. "This months lavish vacation to India should save another 10,000,000 jobs" Gates went on to say.

Democrat leaders are hoping that strong economic results like these will propel their party to victory in next week's election.

CNBC Senior Political Analyst Chris Mathews told this reporter "This is really wonderful news. My leg is tingling again. The Obama Magic is back!"

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