Camden NJ, May 24, 2012.  Yesterday two Obama voters found an innovative new way to give their baby a bath, and have run the risk of being in trouble with the law as a result.

The baby daddy was videotaped by a laundromat's security camera putting their very small child into a washing machine, presumably to give the baby a much needed bath. When the baby mama noticed her child spinning around in hot soapy water she panicked, and both of them tried frantically to open the washer door.

Unfortunately the door was locked until the cycle completes, so they ran for help. A laundromat attendant arrived and calmly pulled the plug on the machine, and the couple scooped up their baby and left immediately, leaving all their clothing behind. Later, the baby daddy returned to claim his laundry, saying the baby was just fine.

The laundromat owner, an Asian woman, said that the father's actions were "ridiculous," and she was thankful that her employee was able to get the child out of the machine before he was seriously injured. She does not know the toddler's parents, but reported the incident to Camden police.

Flannel clad thug parents give their baby a bath
Authorities are now searching for the babies parents. They say the matter does not appear to be criminal, but have referred it to the state's Division of Youth and Family Services for further action.

Reverend Al Sharpton still hasn't decided if he will lead a protest and boycott against the laundromat for creating this hazardous condition. 
"We all know that if this laundromat was in a white neighborhood, there would have been some kind of emergency power cutoff on the machine. This is another obvious case of white racism, but this time the racists are Asians," Sharpton told us.