Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pakistanis Riot in Protest of Obama Air Strike

President Obama burned in effigy in Pakistan
Washington DC, Nov 29, 2011. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, promised to restore the international image of the United States, but the recent NATO airstrike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers comes as a huge setback, at least in Pakistan, to judge from remarks made by Army Gen. Martin. E. Dempsey to British media today.

Dempsey, chairman of President Obama's Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the average Pakistani’s respect for the United States is lower than ever. And it is important to remember that Pakistan is a vital ally of the USA in the this region.

According to General Dempsey: “[The average Pakistani who] doesn’t know the United States, doesn’t read about the United States or just watches something on television about the United States, at that level, [the relations] are probably the worst they’ve ever been,” he explained.

He added that the relationship between the U.S. government and Pakistan’s government is “on about as rocky a road as I’ve seen.”

Ever since NATO's strike against the Pakistani outpost near the Afghani border last Saturday killing 24 Pakistani soldiers tensions have been high in Pakistan. There have been violent demonstrations, riots, and public denounciations of President Obama and the USA.

Pakistan Army spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas said the NATO attack at two border outposts lasted for almost two hours and Pakistani Army requests to NATO to end the attack were ignored. Abbas rejected Afghan claims Pakistani soldiers fired first, saying NATO and Afghanistan knew the exact outpost locations and that the area had recently been cleared of militants. 

Pakistan retaliated by ordering the CIA to vacate Shamsi Air Base in western Pakistan, where it launches predator drones.

It also closed NATO’s two main supply routes into Afghanistan. NATO receives 40 percent of its supplies through the crossings, which run through the Khyber Pass. Pakistan would not say how long the routes would be shut down

General Dempsey expressed limited optimism for rebuilding that relationship. “I think if we understand the seriousness with which this event is being viewed in Pakistan, and they understand we are taking it seriously, then I think we will have at least the beginnings of a opportunity to find our way through it,” he suggested.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank "packs it in"

"My work is done. Mission Accomplished"
Boston, Nov 28, 2011. Sixteen term congressman Barney Frank, D-Mass., will announce his retirement Monday afternoon at a press conference in Newton, Mass.

The Massachusetts congressman, who helped create the financial collapse of 2007, had long been rumored to be ready for retirement.

He was previously chairman of the House Financial Services Committee but is now ranking member since Democrats lost the majority in the 2010 midterm election.

Congressman Frank helped destroy the U.S. economy by relentlessly pressuring America's two mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to make $1 trillion in bad home loans.

He gradually lowered the lending standards of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and because Fannie and Freddie were willing to buy up every other bank's home loans, the Barney Frank low standards at Fannie and Freddie became the disastrously low standards of every major American lender.

Fannie Mae lied about its profits, intimidated adversaries, bought off members of Congress with lavish contributions, hired (and thereby co-opted) academics, purchased political ads (through its foundation) and stacked congressional hearings with friendly bankers, community activists and advocacy groups (including ACORN). Fannie Mae also hired the friends and relations of key members of Congress (including Rep. Barney Frank's partner).

Barney and his spouse are looking forward to retirement
Barney Frank, having completed his goal to destroy our financial system, will now get his well earned retirement. He will either retire to his condo in San Francisco, or to his beach house on Fire Island in New York.

Frank, 71, was first elected to the House in 1980, and is one of the first lawmakers to announce he is homosexual.

He lives in Newton, Mass., with his partner Jim Ready.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Goldman Sachs Weighs Whether to Replace Obama

NYC, Nov 27, 2011. A spokesman for Goldman Sachs told us today that they are "frankly very worried" about President Barack Hussein Obama's, D-Kenya, sliding approval ratings, and are considering whether to "replace him on the ballot with a more reliable candidate."

"Don't get me wrong," the Goldman Sachs spokesman told us, "Obama has done everything we asked him to do, and we are very grateful for the bailouts and tax breaks. But he may not be electable in 2012, due to his poor recordas President."

"We need someone in the race who will win the election, and continue all the great government benefits we have been accustomed to getting."

The problem for Goldman Sachs is that there is no obvious replacement for Obama. At least not one that could be so easily controlled by the Wall Street giant.

"We were seriously considering Hillary Clinton. She shares our views about Corpocracy, and her husband Bill would be a great asset to the team. But she may be too old for the job since she'll be 65 on election day. The hag factor might be too hard for her to overcome," the spokesman told us.

But all of Wall Street isn't united on this idea of replacing Obama next year. Both George Soros and Warren Buffett say they want to stick with Obama. "He's been very good to us," Mr. Buffett said. "And we cannot abandon him now simply because all his policies have failed."

Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of GE, added "Sure Obama has had a few problems with job creation and the economy tanking so badly. And sure, prices are higher, the debt is soaring, and unemployment has reached modern records. But this guy has been great for us. Last year GE earned $14 billion in profits, and paid absolutely no federal corporate tax. And we have Obama to thank for that. We owe him."
Longtime Obama friend Rahm Emmanuel told us, "The Media has done a pretty great job of destroying every Republican frontrunner so far, but the outcome of this election is still anyone's guess."

"If the people actually blame Barack for the failure of his policies, then we could be in deep trouble next year. The key will be in convincing voters that everything Obama botched was really Bush's fault."

Friday, November 25, 2011

Are the Occupy Wall Street Protesters Really "the 99%?"

Angry protester, clutching his $4.50 Starbucks Latte
NYC, Nov 25, 2011. The "occupy protesters" keep shouting and insisting that "we are the 99%."  But are they really representative of 99% of us?

If they mean they aren't in the "top 1% of wage earners" then they certainly are correct. Since most of them don't even have jobs. Many are over-aged children still living off their parents at age 30.

But there is no possible other way that they can be considered as representative of 99% of us.

These protesters are mostly unemployed young people. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, tells us that 91% of us are gainfully employed. So, by this measure, they can only be "the 9%" at best.

These protesters are upset because they have student loans to pay back. And they think it is somehow unfair that they should have to pay back the money they borrowed.

Most estimates tell us that only around 50% of all high school students even go to college, and not all of them take out loans, although a great many do. Some actually work their way through college, got scholarships and grants, and a few others have wealthy parents. And even among those who took out student loans, around 40% of them paid them back in full. So, by this measure, they are perhaps "the 20%."

These protesters camp out in public parks, and bang on drums, while chanting Marxist slogans. Frankly, I don't know anyone who does that. Do you?

Alec Baldwin, multi-millionaire, is a paid spokesman for Capital One
And considering the fact that this movement seems to be global, does the "bottom 99%" of wage earners in the USA even realize that they are in the "top 10%" of wage earners in the world?

Are they really suggesting that they want to give up their laptops, smartphones,  iPods, and Starbucks coffee, so the rest of the world can have more?

I seriously doubt they are this this generous. They want to redistribute simply someone else's wealth to themselves, not redistribute their own wealth to someone else.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

President Pardons Four Drug Dealers

Washington DC, Nov 23, 2011. In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday season, President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, has pardoned five convicted criminals.

The President pardoned five people convicted of charges ranging from intent to distribute marijuana to running an illegal gambling business.

In addition, he issued his first commutation, ordering the release of a woman next month after serving 10 years on a 22-year sentence for cocaine distribution.

The President, whose Attorney General Eric Holder has previously supplied guns to Mexican drug cartels, has decided to show mercy towards these low level drug dealers by issuing them Presidential pardons.  To his credit though, there is no evidence that the President actually sold these pardons, as former President Clinton was prone to do.

In related news, the President also pardoned the two official White House turkeys "Peace" and "Liberty."

Unfortunately, the two turkeys President Obama pardoned last year were reported to be victims of heart failure. Last year's presidentially pardoned turkeys, Apple and Cider, passed away within the year after President Obama pardoned them.

Apple and Cider -- RIP
Those unfortunate turkeys couldn't survive for very long because their large size shortens their lifespan

The birds are bred for eating, which makes them fat and prone to heart disease, respiratory conditions, and strained joints.

In order to dodge death, the turkeys would need to be on a restrictive diet. And sadly, they were fed regular turkey chow.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Matthews Fed Up With Obama; Might Remove Tattoo

NYC. Nov 21, 2011. MSNBC star political commentator Chris Matthews says is frustrated and fed up with President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya.

The leg tingling host of the cable news channel's popular "Hardball" show says that President Obama must tell us what his plans for the future are if he wants to win a second term.  Matthews doesn't blame Obama directly for his lack of goals or plans, but rather blames "the people around him" who he says are "little kids with propellers on their heads."

Matthews hosts the highest rated program on MSNBC and reliable sources confirm that he has literally "dozens of viewers" every night, giving him over twice the audience of Rachel Maddow, and putting him at the top of all liberal TV personalities.

Barack and Chris at happier times
Matthews says he hears that Obama does not like talking face to face with other politicians, even those in his own party. He prefers sending emails and social networking. Matthews says Obama never returns phone calls, or works with others to solve some of the huge problems his rampant spending has created.

It has gotten so bad that Matthews, who was previously the best leg tingler and biggest Obama fan in America, is thinking about having the Obama tattoo removed from his leg.

"It will probably be painful and expensive to have this tattoo taken off," Mr. Matthews told us, "but I don't think I can keep wearing it in good conscience."

"President Obama has been a huge disappointment for us liberals. He's all talk and no action. He just keeps making things worse instead of moving us forward towards a socialist utopia, like he promised he would."

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Opinion: Why Class Warfare Won't Work

President Obama is playing the class warfare card in order to appeal to our most stupid voters. Unfortunately, a majority of our voters are now very stupid, thanks to the fine work done by the NEA, the leftwing media, and the public schools over the past 40 years. 

The president is trying to win the election next year by becoming a "populist" who blames the rich, just as surely as Hitler blamed the Jews, for all our problems. And in both cases, this strategy is counter productive.

It might make the unwashed masses feel good, but it doesn't solve the problem. In fact, it makes things worse.

The simple truth is we cannot dig our way out of this hole by "taxing the rich more." The top 50% pays 98% of all income taxes, which means the bottom 50% pays only 2%.

Even the much maligned "top 1%" already pays 37% of the income taxes. If you confiscated all their wealth there simply wouldn't be enough money to sustain this kind of rampant spending. At least for not more than a year or two. And once you have eliminated the moneyed class, there is no second act. It's like they say in the south.... "you can shear a sheep every year, but you can only skin it once."

The only viable solution to this mess are two things that the current administration cannot or will not do:
  • Spend less. A whole lot less. We simply cannot continue to borrow 40 cents for every dollar we spend. Anyone who actually passed fifth grade math knows this. And this means more than just cutting inane social programs and wasteful spending. It means cutting back on things we promised people. Like Medicare and Social Security benefits. You just cannot keep spending money you don't have forever. It won't work. (Greece is learning this lesson right now, primarily because we forced it on them. We will probably never have the sense to impose financial responsibility on ourselves.)
  • Make the economy healthy again. And this is a lot easier said than done because it involves bringing jobs back to America by getting rid of all these goofy trade deals that "bring down prices while eliminating all our jobs." This will not be a popular option, but it is necessary if we ever want to see a balanced budget again.
Spending money we don't have is so popular that it isn't limited to just the Democrats. The Republicans do it too, but not with quite as much zeal as the Democrats do. The only politician who makes fiscal sense today is Ron Paul, and he's generally wrong on everything but economic policy. So the situation might be hopeless.

And while this situation might please the America Haters abroad, their joy will be short lived. Because they will be right behind us in economic collapse, if they don't collapse before we do. 

America has one big advantage over smaller nations with smaller economies. Our trump card is that when we sink, we take everyone else down with us, so they will reluctantly keep buying our worthless dollars to avoid their own demise.

You saw how concerned everyone was about how Greece failing would "hurt the big banks"... now.... imagine what happens if the USA defaults?

Our GDP is 50 times LARGER than that of Greece.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Teddy Kennedy: Clean and Sober Over 2 Years!

Teddy says he completely stopped drinking
Boston, MA, Nov 16, 2011. The Boston chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous announced today that former Massachusetts senator Teddy Kennedy has now entered his 26th month of being completely alcohol free.

Senator Kennedy attributes this milestone to "hard work" and "lots of support from my friends and family."  He also had a lot of help from the support group at the Boston chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous.

"When I died in 2009 of that brain tumor brought on by alcohol addiction, I took it as a sign it was time to stop drinking," Senator Kennedy told us. "God told me it was time to put down the bottle, so I finally listened to Him."

"I quit cold turkey. Which meant I had to stop drinking Wild Turkey, which was one of my favorite beverages back then," he told us.

Teddy Kennedy began drinking alcohol when he was eight years old, and drank heavily for the next sixty eight years. "My dad was in the business of boot legging and rum running," he told us, "so there was always plenty of booze lying around the house."

Mary Jo is glad he finally quit
The former Senator told us "I'm not getting overconfident, but I hope I can stay sober forever. My motto is one day at a time."

One of Teddy's former girlfriends, Mary Jo Kopecne, told us "Teddy wanted to quit drinking for years. It was only when the brain tumor got him that he got serious about giving up the bottle."

"I'm really glad he finally decided to quit drinking completely. His alcohol addiction played a big part in the reason we broke up," Miss Kopecne said.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Obama Campaign Donor Gets $433 million No Bid Contract

"Thanks Barack! What a sweet deal!"
Washington DC, Nov 13, 2011. A company controlled by a longtime Obama friend and political donor got a no-bid contract to supply an experimental remedy for a threat that may not exist.

The Obama administration has awarded a $433-million contract to buy an experimental smallpox drug, despite uncertainty over whether it is needed or whether it will even work.

The contract was awarded to New York-based Siga Technologies Inc., whose controlling shareholder is billionaire Ronald O. Perelman, a longtime Democratic Party donor.

When Siga complained that contracting specialists at the Department of Health and Human Services were resisting the company's financial demands, senior Obama administration officials replaced the government's lead negotiator for the deal, interviews and documents show.

When Siga was in danger of losing its grip on the contract a year ago, the Obama administration officials blocked other firms from competing.

"Just keep this between us, Ron"
Siga was awarded the final contract in May through a "sole-source" procurement in which it was the only company asked to submit a proposal. The contract calls for Siga to deliver 1.7 million doses of the drug for the nation's biodefense stockpile.

The price of approximately $255 per dose is well above what the government's specialists had earlier said was reasonable, according to internal documents and interviews.

Once feared for its grotesque pustules and 30% death rate, smallpox was eradicated worldwide as of 1978 and is known to exist only in the locked freezers of a Russian scientific institute and the U.S. government.

There is no credible evidence that any other country or a terrorist group possesses smallpox.

If there were an attack, the government could draw on $1 billion worth of smallpox vaccine it already owns to inoculate the entire U.S. population and quickly treat people exposed to the virus. The vaccine, which costs the government $3 per dose, can reliably prevent death when given within four days of exposure.

Siga's drug, an antiviral pill called ST-246, would be used to treat people who were diagnosed with smallpox too late for the vaccine to help.

Yet the new drug cannot be tested for effectiveness in people because of ethical constraints — and no one knows whether animal testing could prove it would work in humans.

Should the U.S. buy an untested drug for such an unproven threat? And to make matters worse, the drug is only good for 37 months, which means every three years we will have to buy more from the same Obama cronies.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Census Report: Obama Sets New Poverty Record

President Obama takes pride in this achievement
Washington DC, Nov 10, 2011. The efforts of the Obama Administration are clearly paying off, as the ranks of those Americans living below the poverty level has reached record high levels.

America's poor are greater than previously thought, reaching a new level of 49.1 million, or 16 percent  due to rising costs and other expenses that make it harder for people to stay afloat, according to new census estimates released this Monday.

The numbers released Monday are part of a first-ever supplemental poverty measure aimed at providing a fuller picture of poverty. It is considered experimental and does not replace the Census Bureau's official poverty formula, which continues to determine eligibility and distribution of billions of dollars in federal aid for the poor. Based on the revised formula, the number of poor people exceeds the record 46.2 million, or 15.1 percent, that was officially reported in September. 

This is good news for the Democrat Party, since less affluent Americans tend to be the most loyal Democrat Party voters. "I we can drive the poverty rate up to 20% by next November, then President Obama's reelection will be a sure thing," a President Obama's Poverty Czar John Bellmore told us.

Obama's Poverty Czar Johnny "Rags" Bellmore
While the Democrat Party has been careful not to imply that they caused this spike in the poverty level... by reckless borrowing and wasteful spending... they do recognize the political advantages this brings them.

"For the record," the Democrat Party didn't cause this downward spiral," Bellmore told us, "but we are happy to reap the political benefit from it."

"Like President Obama says, this is all former President Bush's fault," Bellmore continued.

For the first time, the share of Hispanics living in poverty surpassed that of African-Americans, 28.2 percent to 25.4 percent. That is due to an increase in the poverty rate for Hispanics under the new measure because of lower participation of illegal immigrants and non-English speakers in government aid programs such as housing and food stamps.

"We need more bilingual social workers, so we can teach these new immigrants how to get more government benefits," the Democrat Party spokesman told us.

The First Lady thinks the poor should eat more salads
First Lady Michelle Obama has her own solution for the poverty problem. The First Lady thinks that poor people should eat more salads and exercise more.

"Lets face it, salads are a lot cheaper and lot healthier than eating all those high calorie meats," she told us.

"And exercise is important too," she added, "to prevent the common problem of morbid obesity and chronic diabetes among America's poor."

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cain Accuser Comes Forward; Has Photographic Proof!

Washington DC, Nov 8, 2011. Another woman who knew Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has come forward with evidence of sexual harassment.

The difference in this case is that the woman claims to have photographic proof of the sexual harassment incident, which is alleged to have occurred during a charity event in 1995.

Mrs. Helen Thomas, a 91 year old retired housewife who lives in Washington DC, alleges that she recalls an incident at a charity fund raiser, where a strange black man sat next to her, reached his arm around her, and inappropriately squeezed her.

At the time she had no idea who this man was, and since he didn't do much more than stroke her arm and make a few inappropriate suggestions, she simply dropped the matter and let it go.

However, Mrs. Thomas now says that while looking at some photos taken at the fund raising event, she  recognized the man who harassed her as GOP candidate Herman Cain. "Back then he was a nobody. I had no idea who he was," Mrs. Thomas told us. "I just was glad he left me alone after I told him to get lost."

Mrs. Thomas told us that Cain was "real touchy feely" and tried to grab her right breast when he put his arm around her.  "He kept asking me if I wanted to go somewhere more private with him." Mrs. Thomas remembers him saying.

Attorney Gloria Allred is representing Mrs. Thomas, and says they will file formal charges tomorrow in DC District Court.

Photographic proof of harassment by Cain
"Its just a terrible shame that attractive white women like Mrs. Thomas have to be subjected to this type of harassment and abuse by black conservative politicians," Ms. Allred told us.

"We plan to sue for $20 million in damages, due to the psychological pain and suffering Mrs. Thomas has endured. Hopefully, other woman will now come forward so we can punish this sexual predator."

Monday, November 7, 2011

Radical Liberals Issue "Wish List of Demands"

San Francisco, Nov 7, 2011. The Center for Progressive Policy has released their complete list of "things that need banning."

These are things that leftwing radicals find dangerous, offensive, or are simply politically incorrect. These things are either currently banned in some places, or things they would like to ban across the board everyplace.

Ironically, these are the people who claim they are for freedom of choice, yet they want to ban anything they don't like, taking away your right to choose.

The radical left has either banned, or wants to ban the following. Many of these things are banned in certain cities, and others are just their wish list of things they would ban....

(the list was so long I had to alphabetize it)

* aerosol cans
Typical liberal progressives
* ammunition and bullets
* baseball players using tobacco products
* bottled water (San Francisco)
* bull fighting
* burning coal
* carbon dioxide
* Christmas trees in public places
* cigarette smoking in public places
* cigarette smoking in your own home
* clove flavored cigarettes (San Francisco)
* coal mining
* conservative websites (yes... they tried this in DC)
* cutting trees on your own property (California)
* drilling for oil
* diving boards in swimming pools
* freon
* disposable diapers
* dodgeball played in schools
* drinking whole milk

Al Gore supports every item

* driving in a car without wearing a seat belt
* eating anything fried in transfats (NYC)
* eating red meat
* enforcing immigration laws
* flying an American flag
* food that contains too much salt (NYC)
* fossil fuels
* freedom of speech at universities
* gender biased words like "history"
* glass beer bottles
* Glenn Beck
* goldfish (San Francisco)
* guns of all kinds
* "In God We Trust" on our currency
* internal combustion engines
* junk food
* male circumcision
* mentioning God in public places
* merit pay for union workers
* normal flush toilets
President Obama concurs
* nuclear power plants
* plastic bags
* refining oil
* riding a motorcycle without a helmet
* Rush Limbaugh
* saying "Merry Christmas"
* soft drinks sweetened with sugar
* soft drinks sold from vending machines
* speech that anyone might find offensive
* sports that involve violent physical contact
* styrofoam containers (proposed in California)
* SUVs
* talk radio they don't like
* teaching real history in schools
* teaching penmanship
* the Ten Commandments
* toys in Happy Meals (San Francisco)
* unsupervised children blowing up balloons (EU)
* using metaphors like target, crosshairs, or sights
* using President Obama's middle name
* using the phrase "Obamacare" for National Healthcare
* Walmart (yes... they are banned in some cities)
* wearing animal fur

A few of the things on the above list are actually good ideas, but most are sheer nonsense.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chicago Voter Registration Drive is a Huge Success

Newly registered Democrat voters
Chicago, Nov 5, 2011. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel today announced that the latest Cook County Democrat Party voter registration drive has been a huge success.

"Voter registration drives like these are the key to reelecting President Obama," the Mayor told us. "We must continue to reach out to new voters to make sure everyone gets a chance to vote in next November's election."

Over 400,000 new voters were added to the rolls in this latest voter registration drive.

Chicago has often been a key player in Presidential elections, having pushed John F. Kennedy "over the top" in the 1960 Presidential election.

When asked why the number of registered Democrat voters in Cook County exceeds the population there, Mayor Emanuel replied "The census misses a lot of people here. Most of the homeless, the illegal aliens, and people who travel a lot simply aren't counted."

Cook County has around 5.2 million people according to the last national census, but has over 7 million registered Democrats, which seems to support Mayor Emanuel's claim. 

The Chicago area is often praised for having the fairest and most accessible voter registration system in the nation.

The Mayor celebrates, while waving new voter totals
"You don't even have to register in person. Just send in a simple form. Our system assures that everyone entitled to vote, gets to vote.

Yesterday, Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi both registered to vote in Chicago.

They now have joined other prominent statesmen like Robert Byrd, John Murtha  and Teddy Kennedy as Cook County Democrats.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Nigerian Baby Discovered on Government Payroll

Former Head Banking Commissioner
Lagos, Nigeria, Nov 4, 2011.  A one-month-old baby, who is said to hold a college diploma, was on the Nigerian government payroll, officials have discovered, exposing the rampant corruption in Africa's most populous country.

The name of the infant was recently found on the payment voucher of a local government council in northern Nigeria during an exercise to fish out ghost employees from a bloated workforce, Garba Gajam, justice commissioner for Zamfara State told AFP late Wednesday.

"We discovered that a one-month-old baby was among the employees of one local government who is paid a salary," Gajam said.

Adding family members to the payroll is a common practice among local government officials, according to state justice commissioner Garba Gajam.

"What is even more astonishing is that it was indicated in the payroll that the infant holds an ordinary national diploma," said Gajam, revealing that the discovery is a "widespread trend in the local government service where senior officials stuff payrolls with the names of their wives and children".

This latest fraud was discovered during an investigation into such "ghost workers", he said. The case was broken when the baby sent out over 60,000 emails, claiming to have discovered large bank accounts with unclaimed millions in them. The baby said the money would be sent in exchange for the payment of the usual processing fees.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oakland Riots: Obama Gets Class War He Asked For

Oakland, Nov 3, 2011. Police from a number of Bay Area police departments fired tear gas and arrested dozens of demonstrators early Thursday to break up Occupy Oakland protests that had drawn thousands of participants.

Officers moved in near the protesters' City Hall encampment, where tents resprouted after officials last week ordered them razed. The police action came after a predominantly peaceful day of protest that attracted more than 7,000 people.

The evening appeared to be winding down peacefully when protesters declared victory at the Port of Oakland at 9 p.m. Wednesday--after authorities confirmed that a shift of workers scheduled to start work at 7 p.m. had been canceled. But as demonstrators massed again at the City Hall plaza, the situation devolved.

At 1:14 a.m., however, a loud explosion could be heard on the video coming from the encampment. Oakland police, who had maintained a low profile all night, lined the plaza.

Groggy people in tents could be heard telling police to go deal with troublemakers instead. One protester was hit in the leg with some kind of projectile. Video showed him running, then standing doubled over, whimpering in pain, as others from the encampment rushed to help him. "You just fired on and injured an unarmed person," one man could be heard yelling.

Police had to use tear gas to quell the violence
The Oakland Tribune reported that the man was taken away in an ambulance after fellow demonstrators repeatedly asked for help.

President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, has been encouraging these protests as part of his campaign to stir up class warfare. Just two weeks ago he went to the NYC protest, and told the crowd "we shall overcome" while denouncing the rich.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

French satirical newspaper firebombed by Islamists

The sad result of Islamic fanaticism
Paris, Nov 2, 2011. A satirical French newspaper that promised “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing” in an issue poking fun at the Prophet Muhammad was firebombed early Wednesday.

The attack came after staffers at the Charlie Hebdo weekly received threats over their latest issue, which was said to be "edited by Muhammad."

An eyewitness saw a suspect tossing Molotov cocktails at the newspaper’s Paris offices around 1 a.m.

The newspaper’s front page this week portrayed a cartoonish figure sporting a turban, white robe and beard, beneath the weekly’s new name for the week: “Sharia Hebdo,” a reference to Muslim law.

French Prime Minister Francois Fillon condemned the firebombing as authorities began searching for suspects.
“Freedom of expression is an inalienable value of our democracy,” read a statement from Fillon. “No cause can justify a violent action.”
The mayor of Paris promised to find new office space to help the paper continue publishing after the blaze.
The attack was also blasted by Mohammed Moussaoui, head of the French Council for the Muslim Faith — although he took exception with the newspaper’s content.

The group, while opposing “all forms of violence,” blasted Charlie Hebdo for “the very mocking tone of the paper toward Islam and its prophet,” said Moussaoui, whose group represents France’s 5 million Muslims.

The "offensive" cover
This week’s edition, due out today, was expected to be dedicated to Sharia law in reference to recent announcements by Libya’s interim government and Tunisia’s majority Islamist party, Ennahda.

The magazine had named the Prophet Mohammed as its ‘guest editor-in-chief’ for the edition, which was to be called ‘Charia Hebdo’. The front cover showed a cartoon of the Prophet saying “100 lashes if you are not dying of laughter.”

Charlie Hebdo’s website has also been attacked with a message denouncing its publication five years ago of a caricature of the prophet Mohammed. Islam prohibits depictions of the Prophet.

Similar cartoons printed in a Danish satirical magazine and then in other European countries in 2005, sparked a string of sometimes violent protests in a number of Muslim countries.

No-one was injured in the attack on Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris, but the publication’s editor is reported as saying that most of the office equipment had been destroyed.

The fiercely anti-clerical magazine said the move, which included renaming the publication “Sharia Hebdo”, was intended to "celebrate" the victory of Islamist party Ennhada in Tunisia's election.

Charlie Hedbo's editor-in-chief, known as Charb, told France Info radio: "We no longer have a newspaper. All our equipment has been destroyed or has melted."

Charlie Hebdo's website has also been hacked with a message in English and Turkish cursing the magazine. The message said: "You keep abusing Islam's almighty Prophet with disgusting and disgraceful cartoons using excuses of freedom of speech.

"Be God's curse upon you!"

Editor Charb said the attackers could not even have read the offending magazine.
Their solution is to massacre those who disagree

"The arsonists haven't read this paper, nobody knows what's in the paper except those who buy it this morning. People are reacting violently to a paper without knowing anything of its contents, that's what's most abhorrent and stupid."  

Behind the humour, the editorial’s message is serious: “No religion is compatible with democracy from the moment a political party representing it wants to take power in the name of God”.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

California Democrat Charged with Grand Theft

Liberal Democrat lawmaker swipes clothing
San Francisco, Nov 1, 2001. California Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi has been charged with felony grand theft after being caught by security officers stealing nearly $2,500 in clothing from a San Francisco Neiman Marcus store.

The 45-year-old Castro Valley Democrat, wife of a Bay Area judge, pleaded not guilty Thursday in San Francisco Superior Court and is free on $15,000 bail pending further proceedings Nov. 15.

Sam Singer, spokesman for Hayashi, said the arrest occurred after she left the store while using her cellular phone.

"The incident in San Francisco was a mistake and a misunderstanding," Singer said. "The assemblywoman strongly believes in the justice system and is hopeful that this matter will be cleared up soon."

The veteran lawmaker was placed under citizen's arrest by security officers outside Neiman Marcus after leaving the store without paying for clothing items, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

Hayashi had passed several cash registers without stopping and the incident was captured on videotape. The stolen good were recovered and have been booked into evidence. Leather pants, a black skirt and a white blouse were the merchandise involved.

Maximum sentence is three years in prison for grand theft, but first-time offenders typically do not receive such stiff sentences, according to a spokesman for the San Francisco DA's office.

Hayashi is embarrassed, distraught and she apologizes for any misunderstanding, but she has no intention of resigning from office. Hayashi claims she entered Neiman Marcus with two shopping bags. One contained items purchased from another store; the other had merchandise that she intended to return to Neiman Marcus.

While inside Neiman Marcus, she picked up some additional items to purchase. Distracted while using a cellular phone, she stepped outside briefly "without really thinking about it."  She said she immediately realized her mistake, but before she could rectify it, she was stopped by store security officers.

The crime scene
"She was probably trying to do too much at the same time and was distracted," Singer said. "She made a mistake, but she did not intend to do what she's been accused of doing."

The arrest does not disqualify Hayashi from serving in the Legislature.

It is fairly common for Democrats who have committed criminal offenses to retain their seats and even be reelected. Charles Rangel and the late Teddy Kennedy can vouch for that.