Monday, November 7, 2011

Radical Liberals Issue "Wish List of Demands"

San Francisco, Nov 7, 2011. The Center for Progressive Policy has released their complete list of "things that need banning."

These are things that leftwing radicals find dangerous, offensive, or are simply politically incorrect. These things are either currently banned in some places, or things they would like to ban across the board everyplace.

Ironically, these are the people who claim they are for freedom of choice, yet they want to ban anything they don't like, taking away your right to choose.

The radical left has either banned, or wants to ban the following. Many of these things are banned in certain cities, and others are just their wish list of things they would ban....

(the list was so long I had to alphabetize it)

* aerosol cans
Typical liberal progressives
* ammunition and bullets
* baseball players using tobacco products
* bottled water (San Francisco)
* bull fighting
* burning coal
* carbon dioxide
* Christmas trees in public places
* cigarette smoking in public places
* cigarette smoking in your own home
* clove flavored cigarettes (San Francisco)
* coal mining
* conservative websites (yes... they tried this in DC)
* cutting trees on your own property (California)
* drilling for oil
* diving boards in swimming pools
* freon
* disposable diapers
* dodgeball played in schools
* drinking whole milk

Al Gore supports every item

* driving in a car without wearing a seat belt
* eating anything fried in transfats (NYC)
* eating red meat
* enforcing immigration laws
* flying an American flag
* food that contains too much salt (NYC)
* fossil fuels
* freedom of speech at universities
* gender biased words like "history"
* glass beer bottles
* Glenn Beck
* goldfish (San Francisco)
* guns of all kinds
* "In God We Trust" on our currency
* internal combustion engines
* junk food
* male circumcision
* mentioning God in public places
* merit pay for union workers
* normal flush toilets
President Obama concurs
* nuclear power plants
* plastic bags
* refining oil
* riding a motorcycle without a helmet
* Rush Limbaugh
* saying "Merry Christmas"
* soft drinks sweetened with sugar
* soft drinks sold from vending machines
* speech that anyone might find offensive
* sports that involve violent physical contact
* styrofoam containers (proposed in California)
* SUVs
* talk radio they don't like
* teaching real history in schools
* teaching penmanship
* the Ten Commandments
* toys in Happy Meals (San Francisco)
* unsupervised children blowing up balloons (EU)
* using metaphors like target, crosshairs, or sights
* using President Obama's middle name
* using the phrase "Obamacare" for National Healthcare
* Walmart (yes... they are banned in some cities)
* wearing animal fur

A few of the things on the above list are actually good ideas, but most are sheer nonsense.

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