Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cain Accuser Comes Forward; Has Photographic Proof!

Washington DC, Nov 8, 2011. Another woman who knew Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has come forward with evidence of sexual harassment.

The difference in this case is that the woman claims to have photographic proof of the sexual harassment incident, which is alleged to have occurred during a charity event in 1995.

Mrs. Helen Thomas, a 91 year old retired housewife who lives in Washington DC, alleges that she recalls an incident at a charity fund raiser, where a strange black man sat next to her, reached his arm around her, and inappropriately squeezed her.

At the time she had no idea who this man was, and since he didn't do much more than stroke her arm and make a few inappropriate suggestions, she simply dropped the matter and let it go.

However, Mrs. Thomas now says that while looking at some photos taken at the fund raising event, she  recognized the man who harassed her as GOP candidate Herman Cain. "Back then he was a nobody. I had no idea who he was," Mrs. Thomas told us. "I just was glad he left me alone after I told him to get lost."

Mrs. Thomas told us that Cain was "real touchy feely" and tried to grab her right breast when he put his arm around her.  "He kept asking me if I wanted to go somewhere more private with him." Mrs. Thomas remembers him saying.

Attorney Gloria Allred is representing Mrs. Thomas, and says they will file formal charges tomorrow in DC District Court.

Photographic proof of harassment by Cain
"Its just a terrible shame that attractive white women like Mrs. Thomas have to be subjected to this type of harassment and abuse by black conservative politicians," Ms. Allred told us.

"We plan to sue for $20 million in damages, due to the psychological pain and suffering Mrs. Thomas has endured. Hopefully, other woman will now come forward so we can punish this sexual predator."


  1. This is so great. I would not be suprised of Janet Reno was next.

  2. Glenda... this is nothing. Wait until you see what they have planned for Mitt Romney if he ever gets the nomination. You probably don't know this, but the DNC has proof that Mormons kill little children, and use their blood to make their "matzohs!"