Friday, November 25, 2011

Are the Occupy Wall Street Protesters Really "the 99%?"

Angry protester, clutching his $4.50 Starbucks Latte
NYC, Nov 25, 2011. The "occupy protesters" keep shouting and insisting that "we are the 99%."  But are they really representative of 99% of us?

If they mean they aren't in the "top 1% of wage earners" then they certainly are correct. Since most of them don't even have jobs. Many are over-aged children still living off their parents at age 30.

But there is no possible other way that they can be considered as representative of 99% of us.

These protesters are mostly unemployed young people. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, tells us that 91% of us are gainfully employed. So, by this measure, they can only be "the 9%" at best.

These protesters are upset because they have student loans to pay back. And they think it is somehow unfair that they should have to pay back the money they borrowed.

Most estimates tell us that only around 50% of all high school students even go to college, and not all of them take out loans, although a great many do. Some actually work their way through college, got scholarships and grants, and a few others have wealthy parents. And even among those who took out student loans, around 40% of them paid them back in full. So, by this measure, they are perhaps "the 20%."

These protesters camp out in public parks, and bang on drums, while chanting Marxist slogans. Frankly, I don't know anyone who does that. Do you?

Alec Baldwin, multi-millionaire, is a paid spokesman for Capital One
And considering the fact that this movement seems to be global, does the "bottom 99%" of wage earners in the USA even realize that they are in the "top 10%" of wage earners in the world?

Are they really suggesting that they want to give up their laptops, smartphones,  iPods, and Starbucks coffee, so the rest of the world can have more?

I seriously doubt they are this this generous. They want to redistribute simply someone else's wealth to themselves, not redistribute their own wealth to someone else.

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