Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Teddy Kennedy: Clean and Sober Over 2 Years!

Teddy says he completely stopped drinking
Boston, MA, Nov 16, 2011. The Boston chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous announced today that former Massachusetts senator Teddy Kennedy has now entered his 26th month of being completely alcohol free.

Senator Kennedy attributes this milestone to "hard work" and "lots of support from my friends and family."  He also had a lot of help from the support group at the Boston chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous.

"When I died in 2009 of that brain tumor brought on by alcohol addiction, I took it as a sign it was time to stop drinking," Senator Kennedy told us. "God told me it was time to put down the bottle, so I finally listened to Him."

"I quit cold turkey. Which meant I had to stop drinking Wild Turkey, which was one of my favorite beverages back then," he told us.

Teddy Kennedy began drinking alcohol when he was eight years old, and drank heavily for the next sixty eight years. "My dad was in the business of boot legging and rum running," he told us, "so there was always plenty of booze lying around the house."

Mary Jo is glad he finally quit
The former Senator told us "I'm not getting overconfident, but I hope I can stay sober forever. My motto is one day at a time."

One of Teddy's former girlfriends, Mary Jo Kopecne, told us "Teddy wanted to quit drinking for years. It was only when the brain tumor got him that he got serious about giving up the bottle."

"I'm really glad he finally decided to quit drinking completely. His alcohol addiction played a big part in the reason we broke up," Miss Kopecne said.

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