Monday, November 21, 2011

Matthews Fed Up With Obama; Might Remove Tattoo

NYC. Nov 21, 2011. MSNBC star political commentator Chris Matthews says is frustrated and fed up with President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya.

The leg tingling host of the cable news channel's popular "Hardball" show says that President Obama must tell us what his plans for the future are if he wants to win a second term.  Matthews doesn't blame Obama directly for his lack of goals or plans, but rather blames "the people around him" who he says are "little kids with propellers on their heads."

Matthews hosts the highest rated program on MSNBC and reliable sources confirm that he has literally "dozens of viewers" every night, giving him over twice the audience of Rachel Maddow, and putting him at the top of all liberal TV personalities.

Barack and Chris at happier times
Matthews says he hears that Obama does not like talking face to face with other politicians, even those in his own party. He prefers sending emails and social networking. Matthews says Obama never returns phone calls, or works with others to solve some of the huge problems his rampant spending has created.

It has gotten so bad that Matthews, who was previously the best leg tingler and biggest Obama fan in America, is thinking about having the Obama tattoo removed from his leg.

"It will probably be painful and expensive to have this tattoo taken off," Mr. Matthews told us, "but I don't think I can keep wearing it in good conscience."

"President Obama has been a huge disappointment for us liberals. He's all talk and no action. He just keeps making things worse instead of moving us forward towards a socialist utopia, like he promised he would."


  1. UPDATE: (Ass.Press)"TV Personality CHRIS MATTHEWS of MSNBC has arranged to enter the hospital next week to have his leg surgically removed."
    The Jack o' Roses

  2. OMG, How funny. That should really hurt taking that large tattoo off. But Chris is a big boy he can handle it.