Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Opinion: Why You Should Care About Tonya Dixon-Neely

A few days ago in a high school classroom in Salisbury, North Carolina, a social studies teacher was caught on a phone camera telling a student in her classroom that he could be arrested for speaking ill of President Obama.

Tonya Dixon-Neely, a North Rowan High School teacher, initiated the political discussion in her social studies classroom, explaining to students how Mitt Romney bullied a fellow classmate in school, pinned him down and cut his hair.

But then one student questions her statement, adding that he had heard that Obama bullied a girl himself when he was in school.

Unfortunately for Ms. Dixon-Neely, someone in the classroom used their cell phone to record the exchange, and then posted it on YouTube. Once a recording is made, it is very difficult to deny you said something, or claim it was taken out of context. Because the whole context is there.

Ms. Dixon-Neely lashed out against the student saying, “Stop, no, because there is no comparison,” says Dixon-Neely. “Romney is running for president. Obama is the president.” The student argues that they are both “just men.” But the teacher continues to argue that it is OK to criticize Romney but not President Obama.

Ms. Dixon-Neely
On the tape, as the incident escalates, Dixon-Neely is heard yelling at the student. “Listen, let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom,” says Dixon-Neely.

The student makes a remark about free speech and that he will continue to speak his mind. “Not about him you won’t,” says Neely. She then suggests that the student could be arrested for talking against the President.

“Do you realize that people were arrested for saying things bad about Bush? Do you realize you are not supposed to slander the president?”

Why should you be concerned about any of this?

Because you now have documented proof that teachers are bullying students who try to openly express their views in a classroom. And remember, the teacher is the one who introduced the topic, then threatened the student when she didn't like his response.

It certainly is no crime for a teacher to have strong political views. And it is not even a crime for them to express them in the classroom. But this teacher crossed the line and acted like a propaganda agent for the Democrat Party, shouting and yelling at any student who dared to criticize the President.

And exactly what was that criticism that "could get them arrested?" The student simply pointed out that President Obama had admitted to bullying when he was young, which is exactly what Ms. Dixon-Neely was accusing Mitt Romney of.

But Ms. Dixon-Neely's biggest mistake was getting caught.

This sort of leftwing proselytizing goes on thousands of times a day in our classrooms. It just doesn't get recorded very often, so the teacher can always say "I never did that." This time there is proof.

Just like the Rodney King beating would have been a non story without the tape, this wouldn't even make the news if the video tape didn't exist. No matter what you think about the Rodney King incident, one fact is beyond dispute. That tape resulted in police departments all over America making reforms. It really would be great if this tape had the same effect on our schools.

And what became of Ms. Dixon-Neely? Initially nothing happened, until the YouTube video got out, and thousands of parents expressed their outrage. So the School System had no choice but to reluctantly suspend Ms. Dixon-Neely. With full pay.

 Listen to the video yourself....


  1. As a retired principal, I can only shake my head. Where is her administrator? How on earth did such abuse of power escape notice? Further, how did a person with such an appalling lack of skill ever make it through the credentialling program? Our poor children and abused taxpayers...

  2. We don't only lower the standards for students, we lower them for teachers too. The teaching profession has become another Post Office; an "affirmative action showcase" where we tolerate inefficiency and incompetence in exchange for diversity and inclusiveness.

    Many science and math teachers cannot pass the tests they give to sixth graders. This is why the NEA will always fight tooth and nail to prevent teacher testing. The results could be too embarrassing.

  3. Marty4650 you sir are correct! please let me explain how and why..
    Starting in the sixty's folks that ran schools were threaten by the
    feds..they were told to make it work no matter what and not to bring a black student to the office always blame the white student,
    by doing it this way that gave the feds and open book to teach diversity,tolerance and quotas,three of the most evil words ever spoken in a school house..control the words that can come out of the mouth of a child and you will control that child..One thousand dollars say I can beat Tonya Dixon Neely at a college exam, and I've never been to college !!!

  4. Makes me ashamed to live in NC but come November, we can be proud again !