Thursday, October 6, 2011

Biden Wins 6th Annual "Bob Barker Look-a-Like Contest"

Atlantic City NJ, Oct 6, 2011. Vice President Joe Biden, D-DE, easily won the trophy in this year's Bob Barker Look-A-Like Contest at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort here. Biden entered against a field of 44 contestants from the USA and several foreign nations, and easily won the two day contest.

Bob Barker, the legendary game show host, was actually one of the judges. Mr. Barker told us after the contest that Joe Biden did the best job of capturing his spirit and personality. "It was like looking in a mirror" he said "this guy could even fool my own mother, God rest her soul." 

This was the sixth annual contest, and the first time Vice President Biden has entered. The judges were especially impressed by his performance during the talent competition where he sang all three verses of the Tiny Tim classic hit "Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me."

"This is a real shock and a genuine honor"
Afterwards, the Vice President told us he was shocked that he won. "I honestly didn't expect to win. Especially after my poor showing in the Swimsuit Competition," he told us.

Donald Trump presented the gold plated trophy to the Vice President saying "You worked hard for this award, and you deserved to win it."

The trophy came with a $500 check, and Biden said he will enter the contest again next year. "Unless someone new comes along, I think I can win this thing again," he said.

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