Thursday, October 27, 2011

Billionaires Protest Against Themselves

Buffett sat on the lobby floor and refused to move.
Zurich, Switzerland, Oct 27, 2011. Wealthy investor and Barack Obama sponsor Warren Buffet led a group of billionaires today in a protest he calls "Occupy Zurich."  The group of well dressed old white men are staging a protest against themselves in the lobby of the Bank of Zurich.

"We felt sympathy with the Occupy Wall Street protests, but we felt left out, so we decided to stage a protest of their own," Buffett told us.

Joining Buffett in today's protest were Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, wealthy currency speculator George Soros, and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"We are fed up with ourselves, and we demand change" Mr. Gates said, echoing the sentiments of the other protesting billionaires.

The billionaires are protesting their own lavish lifestyles. They feel that the government should raise taxes on the middle class, so that the poor can have more. "There is really no point in raising our taxes," Bill Gates told us, "since we rarely pay any income taxes at all. We have lots of loopholes, deductions, and tax shelters. It's just like how Warren brags about his secretary paying more income tax than he does!"

The plan is to protest against themselves, so the real protesters will think that the billionaires are in solidarity with them. That way, they can channel their anger towards reelecting Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, rather than in making any meaningful reforms.

Billionaire George Soros chimed in, saying: "The most important thing is to reelect Obama, and if necessary I will spend every penny I have to reelect him."
Billionaire George Soros and his puppet

"I can always get the money back by investing in some phoney green project designed to bilk the taxpayers.  The taxpayers will take all the risk, and I will get all the rewards!"

"I made a fortune when my Brazilian oil company started drilling for oil in the Gulf after President Obama banned American companies from drilling there."

"And I've got a big investment in this this $97,000 electric hybrid green car made in Finland. I bet I quadruple my money on that deal. These are really good times for us billionaires!"


  1. I have a difficult time understanding why George Soros would be willing to spend his entire fortune on reelecting Obama. Can Soros hate the United States that much that he is willing to reelect the man who can bring about the country’s destruction? It can be the only answer.

    As for the other billionaires like Buffet, Gates and Bloomberg, have they ever considered putting some of their money in places where it will do some good rather than to protest against themselves? I know they all have a claim to “philanthropy” but are they putting roofs over people’s heads? Are they feeding the poor? Are they paying for a worthy student’s education? How about helping out with medical bills for families that are struggling? Perhaps those billionaire philanthropists should put their money where it counts and be more discerning as to where their “charitable aid and donations” go.

    This meeting in Zurich smacks of bragging and chest thumping. Perhaps they should follow the example of Larry Stewart a true American philanthropist who anonymously gave away some $1.3 million to the needy before he was forced to reveal his identity, shortly before his death, by non-other than a threatening reporter of course.

  2. Soros will spend "whatever it takes" because he knows that Obama will enable him to replace every dollar he spent with two dollars in tax credits or other favorable tax breaks.

    Despite all the class warfare rhetoric to the contrary, this is the president who works the hardest to take care of his billionaire friends, and his friends at huge banks and brokerages. One only need look at how he has filled his administration with Goldman-Sachs people to understand this.

    All his winking and nodding at the OWS protestors is just Chicago street politics. He is very fortunate that they are too stupid to see the big picture.

    There wouldn't be so many liberal billionaires if they hated capitalism this much. They'd all be working in soup kitchens and homeless shelters...