Sunday, October 31, 2010

Democrats Throw Lavish Haloween Fundraiser Celebrating Anticipated Victory

Speaker Pelosi D-CA
Washington DC. Oct 31, 2010. All the Democrat Party stars turned out tonight for a gala fundraising costume ball celebrating their anticipated victory in Tuesday's congressional elections.

The Democrat leaders all came in costume for the event, and were surprisingly good spirits in light of recent poll numbers for the election.

moment when Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi realized they were both wearing the same costume, but tempers eased once and aide told Clinton that Pelosi had forgotten to get a costume for the event, and was just wearing her normal attire.
Rep Barney Frank D-MA
Sec. of State Clinton D-NY
President Obama D-Kenya
Senate Majority Leader Reid wore a very convincing Chewbaca costume, portraying a Star Wars character. Congressman Barney Frank came dressed as legendary singer Kate Smith, and even sang his own version of God Bless America to the delight of everyone in attendance.  
President Obama came wearing a "Joker" costume from the Batman comic book, television series, and films.

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