Thursday, October 28, 2010

POLL: Democrats Still Popular In Islamic World

Cairo Oct 28, 2010. Despite problems at home the Democrats are still wildly popular abroad. Al Jazerra, the Arabic language regional news broadcaster, is reporting spontaneous demonstrations of support for the Democrats breaking out all over the Middle East.

Moslems peacefully protest those who oppose Democrats
 Hamas, Al Qaeda and Hezbullah have all officially endorsed the Democrat Party in next week's Congressional elections in the USA. In their latest poll, 

Al Jazerra reports that over 91% of their viewers polled support the Democrat Party in the USA. 

However, only 44% said "Republicans should be put to death" which is a sure sign that the Islamic tradition of violence and brutality is waning in the region.

Some of the recent poll numbers have been discouraging for terrorists, and several spontaneous demonstrations in the support of Democrats have resulted.

Concerned citizens in Damascas Syria held a rally in support of House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid.  

Passions run high in this part of the world, and some  demonstrations have gotten out of hand, and a few instances of violence were noted.

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