Sunday, October 31, 2010

TOTUS Down For Maintenance! Vice TOTUS Takes Over!

Washington DC, Oct 31, 2010. The Teleprompter of the USA (TOTUS) is going down for routine maintenance work next Wednesday, immediately following the Congressional elections on Tuesday.

Since President Obama cannot communicate without the TOTUS, the Vice TOTUS has been sworn in to provide continuity of government.

The Vice TOTUS is a Mirror Image SP-220 Pro Speech Series Teleprompter with 20" LCD Monitor, that costs around $5,500. This model is known for reliability but has had problems with occasionally saying some very stupid things. 

Most people don't realize that it was the Vice TOTUS and not the TOTUS who prompted President Obama to make the claim that the USA "has 57 states."  That incident occurred during the 2008 election campaign, when the President Obama's primary teleprompter, also a Mirror Image SP-220, was taking a much deserved vacation.

The Vice TOTUS is an older model that he purchased from Joe Biden, that is known to have several known "lapse in judgement" bugs in it. In fact this was the machine that coined the "Finally, we have an African-American who is bright articulate and clean" statement that Joe Biden had to apologize for.

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