Friday, November 26, 2010

Congressman Barney Frank pitchs in to help TSA

"OK, cough please"
Washington DC. Nov 26, 2010. Just when we thought everyone in Congress only cares about themselves, Congressman Barney Frank, D-MA, has selflessly volunteered to assist in the TSA screening process.

Congressman Frank is doing this without pay, and during his own free time. "I just want to help out" he told us. "I know the TSA has their hands full right now, so I thought I would help out whenever I can."

Thanks to Congressman Frank's diligence and commitment to this effort, there have been absolutely no attempts to smuggle explosives onto airplanes "on his watch."

"The terrorist know that they can't sneak anything past old Barney....  so they don't even try," former Governor Jim McGreevy, D-NJ, told us. McGreevy is a close personal friend of Congressman Frank's and was hinting that he also might volunteer to help out the TSA. "I'm really impressed that Barney is doing this" he told us. "He's really providing a good leadership role model for all of us."

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