Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gore Warns World: "We only have ten years left!"

Stockholm Sweden, Nov 13, 2010. For the ninth time in the past 35 years Global Warming Guru and Nobel Prize Winner Albert Gore Jr has put the world on notice that we "only have ten years left" if we don't drastically alter our lifestyles to prevent global warming.

This dramatic pronouncement was made at the regular weekly Global Warming Action Committee meeting in Stockholm, that Gore chairs.

"The USA is the main problem in causing Global Warming" Former Vice President Gore told us. "Their industrial output and employment rates are still way too high. Simply put, if more people were unemployed in the USA, then greenhouse gas output could be dramatically reduced,"

While President Barack Obama, D-Kenya, has done everything in his power to drive unemployment numbers even higher, his hands may be tied now that the GOP has won control of the House in last week's congressional elections. There is just so much President Obama can do without having a rubber stamp congress to approve his well crafted policies to reduce industrial output.

Gore noted that the world actually has made some good progress combating global warming during the first two years of the Obama Administration.

"There is nothing greener than an unemployment check" he said. "No fossil fuels are burned when you put people out of work. Just the opposite."

"And nowadays, we don't even have to cut down trees to create these checks. Thanks to electronic bank transfers, we can credit the bank accounts of the unemployed."

"My biggest fear now is that the Republicans may drag us back to those dark days of 4.6% unemployment that President Bush had," he told us.

Mr. Gore got some good news last week when our October employment numbers were reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Our unemployment rate held steady at 9.6% with an additional 75,000 workers losing their jobs.

But the open question is... can President Obama sustain this momentum with a GOP House in place on Jan 1, 2011?

"Fortunately, we need 200,000 new jobs each month just to stand still, due to immigration and population growth," Gore emphasized. "So even if President Obama inadvertently creates a few thousand new jobs, there will still be a net job loss. And this will help reduce global warming."

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