Saturday, November 27, 2010

Palin Tops new poll of "Things Liberals Fear Most:"

Atlanta, Nov 27, 2010. In a startling new CNN/USA Today Poll released today, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has moved up from number four to the number one spot as the thing liberals fear most. This is the first time Ms. Palin has reached the coveted number one spot.

Ms. Palin displaced the previous top fear "Global Warming" sending it down to third place. Glen Beck remains in second place, and Rush Limbaugh has dropped from third place to fifth place.

1. Sarah Palin
2. Glen Beck
3. Global Warming
4. School Vouchers
5. Rush Limbaugh
6. Honest citizens who own guns
7. Lower Taxes
8. Prayer in Public Schools
9. Racial Profiling
10. White Militias

The baffling thing for policial analysts is that Ms. Palin holds no government office, nor is seeking any right now. This prompts many to suggest that their fear of Palin is entirely irrational.

Some analysts speculate that the recent uptick in fear for Sarah Palin was motivated by her daughter Bristol finishing in the top three on Dancing With The Stars, a popular TV program that many liberals routinely follow.

Surprisingly, the popular liberal fear of "Abortion being Outlawed" dropped completely out of the top ten, to the number twelve spot. This was probably due to President Obama, D-Kenya, installing two radical leftwing judges on the U.S. Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

The CNN/USA Today phone poll is comprised of 1600 likely liberals, and is taken quarterly.

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