Thursday, November 25, 2010

Former President Sells Pardon to Turkey

"Did the check clear yet?"
Washington DC, Nov 25, 2010. Former President Bill Clinton stepped in to fill the breach while President Barak Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, was tied up on urgent matters of state at the Bethesda Oaks Golf Resort.

Former President Clinton issued an honorary pardon to this year's White House turkey, a 45 pounder named  "Cider," in exchange for his standard $400,000 pardon fee.

While Cider lacked the funds for the pardon payment, longtime Democrat Party donor Warren Buffet provided the the check on his behalf, so that former President Clinton could formally issue the pardon.

President Obama later called former President Clinton to thank him for filling in for him. "I really couldn't get away to do it, since I was tied up on the 14th green at the time, and I appreciate President Clinton stepping in to help out," President Obama said. Bill Clinton replied: "I really enjoyed doing it. It was real fun and reminiscent of the old days. And the $400,000 will come in handy to defray some of my recent expenses."

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