Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Teddy Kennedy and Robert Byrd Cast their Votes!

Washington DC Nov 2, 2010. Both former Senator Ted Kennedy D-MA and Robert Byrd D-WV were present at a Democrat Party fund raising breakfast in Georgetown this morning.

Both looked remarkably good considering their circumstance. "We could have filed absentee ballots, like ACORN suggested," Former Senator Byrd said, "but we like making a personal appearance at our local precincts."

Immediately after the breakfast meeting, Former Senator Byrd boarded a private jet for his home precinct in West Virgina, and Former Senator Kennedy took a commuter flight from Washington to Boston. A limo will be waiting for him there to take him to his usual polling place in Hyannis Port.

Paul Wellstone, D-Mn, was unable to attend the fund-raising breakfast in DC because of a prior commitment to an event in Minneapolis.

But this isn't an isolated case. Democrats have long championed expanding voting rights to include illegal aliens, convicted felons, and citizens who are "no longer alive." They want every vote to count and every voter to be counted,  And community organizing groups like ACORN will make sure that dead voters get their say on election day!

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