Friday, November 26, 2010

President gets dissapointing approval poll results. Considering changing name back to Barry.

Washington DC. Nov 26, 2010. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, is considering changing his name back to "Barry Soetoro."

"Too many people have formed a negative opinion of this Obama fellow," the president read off his telepromter. "It might make a lot of sense for me to just go back to calling myself Barry Soetoro again."

Dr. Simon Weinhaus, a Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University agreed, telling us "The name Barry Soetoro definitely sounds more like a Christian name. It might be thought of as Italian or Portugese, and not like an African Muslim name."

Dr Weinhaus told us he sees many advantages for the President if he Americanizes his name again.

"It certainly would help in any reelection campaign. A great many voters might not realize that this is the same Barack Obama who quintupled the Federal Budget Deficit."

"They might think he's some other bright, articulate and clean fellow instead of that crazy fellow who keeps wasting taxpayer money going on lavish vacations," Weinhaus told us.

"And that's exactly what I'm counting on" President Obama said. "Everyone liked Barry Soetoro. I probably blundered when I gave that name up to sound more Muslim, and more African. When I was Barry, I was trouble free. I might need to go back to being Barry again."

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