Monday, November 8, 2010

Indian Goverment Foils Terror Plot

New Delhi Nov 8, 2010. The Indian Government revealed today that a terror plot to assassinate U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, was thwarted by their own INP (Indian National Police).

The INP got information from informants that radical Islamic Primate group Al-Qerd ("The Monkey")  were planning to pummel the President with coconuts when he visited the Ghandi Museum yesterday.

The information about the plot was skillfully extracted from terror monkey suspects by the INP using hours of carefully executed torture techniques on the suspect monkeys.

"We told the authorities to remove the dry coconuts from trees near the building. Why take a chance?" Mani Bhavan's executive secretary, Meghshyam Ajgaonkar, told the BBC.

El Sa'daan now safely in custody
Last week American security officers inspected Mani Bhavan and its surroundings along with other places the president is likely to visit. 

Every year in India people are injured or even killed by falling coconuts.

In addition, the leader of Al Qerd, Hassan El Sa'daan, along with most of his top hench-monkeys were arrested and detained by the Indian Government, and are facing trial and very probably execution.

President Obama thanked the Indian Government for their swift and decisive action in foiling this plot. "I wish Janet Napolitano was half as good as you folks are" he said.

"Janet would have screwed this up," President Obama said, "just like she did that Ft. Hood thing and the Christmas Bomber last year."

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