Thursday, November 18, 2010

Breaking News: President and First Lady Win "Dancing With The Stars" Competition!

Hollywood, Nov 18, 2010. The producers of the hit TV show Dancing With The Stars announced today that this season's winning couple will be President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

This news comes despite the Obamas not having competed on the program. "We were flooded with phone-in votes for the President and the First Lady after the recent Bristol Palin controversy," Sol Horowitz executive producer told us.

"We have never seen anything like this before," Horowitz  said. "Over 40 million people called in to vote for the First Couple as the winning contestants, even though they never danced on the program or entered the competition!"

"The odd part of all this is that most of the calls we traced to the Chicago area, and the ones we were able to check were from people who died years ago.... but the rules are pretty clear about this. The Obama's have clearly won this year's competition based on the viewer votes."

Mr. Horowitz told us that they will very likely modify the rules for next year's contest to disqualify non-living voters, to prevent a similar occurrence next season. Also he added "we will probably require that you must actually dance on the program in order to win."

The President was  reached for comment today, while he was busy packing for their European Vacation next week. "Michelle and I are thrilled about winning the dance competition on Dancing With the Stars," President Obama told us. "Right now we are completely exhausted from our Asian Vacation last week, and are really looking forward to relaxing and unwinding on our European Vacation next week."

"Michelle and I worked hard for this. We practiced dancing in every foreign nation and luxury resort in the world. I'd say we deserve this award just as much as I deserved to win that Nobel Peace Prize" I won, President Obama told us.

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