Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Chicago IL, Nov 3, 2010. Bertha Lewis, CEO for ACORN announced yesterday that the Community Activist Group was filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. "We just couldn't keep it going after that man and his girlfriend exposed us for teaching people how to defraud the taxpayers" she said.

If there was an isolated incident where some ACORN manager had had an error in judgment, then they probably could have weathered the storm. But they were caught four separate times in four widely separated cities coaching people in how to defraud the IRS, and eventually Congress was forced to withdraw their funding.

ACORN was riding high after ACORN alumnus President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, was elected, and then he decided to give them $8.5 billion in taxpayer money to help stimulate the economy.  Naturally the Democrat Rubberstamp Congress approved this gift to ACORN.

But everything changed with yesterday's election, and ACORN saw the handwriting on the wall. The Rubberstamp Congress is now gone, and their prospects for more federal funding are now somewhere around zero. The original funds have been spent, and with little chance of getting any more taxpayer money it was time to seek protection from creditors in the courts.

So the last official act of this group will be to "stiff their creditors."

The new presumptive Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has raised the possibility of getting some of that taxpayer money back from ACORN to help balance our budget again. But, like Ms. Lewis quickly points out "That money is all gone now. We spent it on lottery tickets, malt liquor, and Cadillac Escalades for our staff."

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