Sunday, November 21, 2010

President Obama Appoints Prison Czar

Lee Boyd Malvo
Lisbon, Portugal Nov 21, 2010. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, briefly interrupted his European vacation to name Lee Boyd Malvo to the newly created post of Prison Czar.

Mr. Malvo is the surviving member of the team of DC Snipers who terrorized the region in 2002, in a shooting spree which left eleven people dead and six others critically injured.

His partner, John Allen Mohammed, was executed in 2009, but as Malvo was 17 when he committed the crimes, he could not face the death penalty, but he still could be extradited to Alabama, Louisiana, and other states for prosecution.

President Obama cited Malvo's life sentence in prison as his prime qualification to be Prison Czar. "This is a man who knows and understands our prison system well," President Obama said during the announcement today.

While Malvo was underage at the time of his crimes, he is now 25 and eligible to serve as an appointed government official. President Obama cited his "greater maturity" as one of the reasons he selected Malvo for this post.

President Obama also mentioned that the past eight years of incarceration have broadened and deepened Mr. Malvo's knowledge of "how the system works, and when it doesn't work."

Mr. Malvo will become President Obama's 48th Czar, and will join the President's  shadow cabinet providing advice and counsel to the President on matters involving our federal prison system. The job comes with a $320,000 annual salary, a staff of nine, an office in the White House, and a limousine and driver.

Unless President Obama can make some sort of arrangement with Malvo's prison warden, it is unlikely he will be able to use his limo or office. The appointment will become effective on Jan. 1, 2011.

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