Thursday, November 11, 2010

House Ethics Committee to Reopen Investigations

Washington DC. Nov 12, 2010. The biggest losers in last Tuesday's election might turn out to be Representative Charles Rangel, D-NY, and Representative Maxine Waters, D-CA.

Both were given cursory investigations by the current congress and both somehow slipped the noose despite committing serious ethics infractions.

Representative Rangel was charged with improperly soliciting funds from corporations that have an interest before Congress, failing to pay taxes on the income from his three apartment buildings, and for accepting various junkets from corporations seeking favorable legislation from Congress.

Members of Black Caucus protesting investigation
Congresswoman Maxine Waters was investigated for steering $12 million in federal funds to her husband’s failing bank. She also got in trouble for skirting federal elections rules with a crooked fund raising gimmick that allowed her to receive unlimited amounts of donations from certain contributors. 

Instead of raising most of her campaign funds from individuals and political action committees, Waters sold her endorsement to other politicians and political causes for as much as $45,000 a pop, allowing her to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars in short periods of time. 

The Democrat Congress has investigated both cases and concluded that they really did nothing wrong. This was considered appropriate conduct for Democrat members of Congress since "everyone does it."  At least that's what Spearker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, thought.

The new Republican House plans to revisit both cases, and to apply the statutory law this time. Both Representative Rangel and Representative Waters could end up spending time in prison for their offenses.

A spokesman for the family of Ethel Waters, the famous actress and singer who died in 1977, contacted us to make certain we mentioned that Maxine Waters is not in any way related to Ethel Waters.

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