Monday, December 20, 2010

WikiLeaks Hoax Revealed!

Beverly Hills, Dec 20, 2010. The Spin Cycle has reliable proof that the entire "WikiLeaks" story last month was a hoax, created by actor and comedian Bill Maher.

This information came from Coco Johnsen, Maher's former girlfriend, who sued him for breach of promise and lost.

Miss Johnsen was probably seeking some sort of revenge by revealing the hoax, but the evidence she provided was irrefutable, and included thousands of documents that have been authenticated by our experts.

Faced with the evidence, Mr. Maher came clean.  "There is no Julian Assange" Mr. Maher told us. "I played that part myself, and I also paid two Swedish hookers to sue me for rape too. It was all supposed to be a goof, but it got out of hand. People really believed it."

Coco reveals half her assets
Mr. Maher admitted that all those State Department cables were also faked. "Hillary Clinton never suggested we should spy on the UN. I just made that stuff up," Maher told us.

Similarly, all the cables calling French President Nicolas Sarkozy "arrogant" and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi "feckless" were also faked.

"I just wanted to stir things up a bit," Maher told us, "as a joke."

We asked Maher how he managed to fake 250,000 cables in such a short time, since it seemed like such a monumental task. "I had a bunch of European hippies helping me. They were volunteers, and they were all hard workers," he said.

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