Friday, December 17, 2010

Obama Recovery Continues with Over 40 Million Americans Now Getting Food Stamps

Washington DC, Dec 17, 2010. As President Barack Hussein Obama's, D-Kenya, "recovery summer" moves into his "recovery winter" the number of Americans needing food stamps has skyrocketed to new records.

In the latest USDA statistical reports released this month, over 40 million Americans are now depending on food stamps.  This is an increase of around 12 million people from from early 2009 when President Obama took over and began his recovery plan.

It seems the "jobless recovery" may also be a "foodless recovery" for 12 million more citizens.

In 2008 there were 28.2 million Americans receiving an average benefit of $102 per month for a total cost of $37.6 billion.

Currently in 2010 there are 40.3 million Americans receiving an average benefit of $134 per month for a total cost of $68.2 billion

The $30 billion increase has made the program a target for cost cutting to fund other Obama initiatives.  Nutrition professor Dr. Marion Nestle told  

"Pretty obviously, this is a sign that the economy is still in bad shape, especially at the lower income ends. Wall Street may still be giving bonuses, but more and more Americans don't have places to live or food to eat"

Nestle added that funding for this level of food stamp use could prove unsustainable in the current economy. "Some funding has already been cannibalized to fund the Child Nutrition Reauthorization," she said. "The more expensive it gets, the more the program will be a target for lawmakers looking for moveable cash." 

With an estimated one-eighth of the population  (and as much as one-fifth in some states) on food stamps each month, and no improvement to the economy in sight, it seems like there is plenty to worry about.

President Obama would not directly comment on this saying: "This is really over my pay grade. Michelle and I are busy packing for our Hawaiian vacation now, so you might want to ask ex-President Clinton about it. I'm sure he can do a better job explaining it."

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