Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Julian Assange Arrested for "Not Wearing a Condom!"

London, Dec 6, 2010. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was today arrested on extradition orders by British police after voluntarily meeting officers.

He will appear before a district Westminster Magistrates Court, London, within hours over demands that he is sent to Sweden to face questioning over rape allegations.
It comes after British police finally took receipt of the correct paperwork for a European Arrest Warrant yesterday.

United States Defence Secretary Robert Gates welcomed the news of Assange's fate during a visit to Afghanistan. "That sounds like good news to me," he said. "We hope this trumped up charge sticks," Gates told us. "Someone has to stop this man from leaking all our important secrets."

Ironically, the same liberal Democrats who hailed the leaking of the Pentagon Papers that embarrassed Richard Nixon, are now denouncing Assange for leaking documents that embarrass the Obama Administration. 

Prosecutors in Stockholm want to question Assange over claims he sexually assaulted two women during a visit to Sweden in August. 

The allegations include rape and molestation in one case and molestation and unlawful coercion in a second.

Assange has denied the allegations which he has claimed stem from a dispute over "consensual but unprotected sex." The claims surround two women – one of whom says Assange deliberately "sabotaged" a condom when it broke while they were having sex.

In Sweden, you can be held criminally responsible if your condom breaks, under new EU regulations. And since there is no crime against leaking United States classified documents, it was felt the trumped up sex charges should be employed in this situation.

Some of Assange's most strident supporters say that he is the victim of a honeytrap orchestrated by the U.S. and have organized boycotts against PayPal and the Swiss Bank that froze his assets.

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