Saturday, December 25, 2010

President Sends Holiday Greetings from Hawaii

Honolulu, Dec. 25, 2010. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, sent his holiday best wishes out to all Americans from his luxury suite at the luxury Kailua Bay resort.

"Michelle and I send our best wishes out to everyone during this Winter Holiday season," he told us. "It is important that we all remember what this season is all about... by celebrating golf, good times, and the joy of presidential benefits."

First lady Michelle Obama, daughters Malia and Sasha, and first dog Bo arrived Saturday evening on Oahu, the island that contains the state's largest city.

Last year, delayed by deliberations on the health care reform bill, the family didn't get to Hawaii until Christmas Eve. This will be their third consecutive holiday visit to Kailua.

The Secret Service began alerting residents of spacious homes along Kailuana Place last week that checkpoints will soon go up. Hawaiian Telecom personnel were busily repairing telephone wiring outside one of the Obama homes, which sit midway down a cul-de-sac.

President Obama plans to make a thorough search for his missing birth certificate during this year's Christmas vacation in Hawaii. "I know I left it here someplace," he said. "My grandmother was always losing important papers. Hopefully, I can find it this year. If I can't, then I pledge to keep coming back here every Christmas until I do."

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