Saturday, December 11, 2010

President Lights Kwanzaa Tree

Washington DC, Dec 10, 2010. President Barack Obama, D-Kenya, and First Lady Michelle Obama lit the National Kwanzaa Tree at the White House today.

The Kwanzaa tree tradition was just started last year, when the Obama's spent their first holiday season in the White House.

"We researched it, and couldn't find any reference to a Ramadan Tree, so we decided to celebrate Kwanzaa in lieu of Christmas, First Lady Michelle Obama told us.

"Christmas had a long run, but it's time to move on to less violent religions," the President said. "This is a good example of the type of change I promised you when I was campaigning in 2008."

"Christianity is the religion of the slaveholders and the people who oppress minorities," President Obama added, "so we thought it would be much more appropriate to celebrate Kwanzaa instead."

Former President GW Bush chimed in, saying "Kwanzaa is a holiday of peace."

President Obama told us he hoped the Kwanzaa tradition would stick, and that future presidents would also adopt the concept of having a Kwanzaa Tree at the White House.

This year's "Kwanzaa Klaus" was played by Karenga Musabe Otombo (born Wille Ray Johnson), who is a long time Obama family friend.

Mr. Otombo is currently working at the White House as one of the President's personal valets. "I have nine valets," the President revealed, "and I probably need two or three more, given my hectic travel schedule."

"We first met at Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Liberation Theology Church" the First Lady told us, "and we really hit it off."

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