Monday, December 13, 2010

Disney Studios Create Lifelike Teddy Kennedy

Lifelike Teddy Kennedy
Washington DC, Dec 13, 2010. A lifelike Audio-Animatronics figure of Teddy Kennedy was delivered to the White House today by the Walt Disney Company.

President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, commissioned the project after he realized how much better former President Clinton was at holding press conferences.

"To tell you the truth," President Obama said, "Clinton was spectacular the other day, but I just can't trust him. I just know he has a secret agenda to elect Hillary in 2012. And Teddy Kennedy was a great public speaker, so I figured he would be the ideal guy to cover me in future speaking engagements."

President Obama put in a rush order to Disney Studios to create a robotic version of Teddy Kennedy to fill in for him at speaking events, and the Disney people had it ready in just two days.

Roger Iger, CEO of the Disney Company told us "This was an easy job for us. We had built a Teddy robot back in 1980 when he was running for President, for our Hall of Presidents exhibit. But the project got shelved when he lost the primary race to Jimmy Carter."

"So it was a simple matter to dig the old Teddy robot out of storage, and just add an older head to it. We also had to add around 60 pounds, but it ended up looking pretty good."

CEO Roger Iger posing with COO Michael Mouse
Roger Iger added,  "the Kennedy robot looks better than Teddy Kennedy did when he was alive. We went to a lot of trouble to make his nose less red, and  we made him look more alert and aware of his surroundings than Kennedy ever has been in the last 35 years."

President Obama is confident that the new robotic Kennedy can do a much better job of speaking to the press without using a teleprompter than he can.

The $4.6 million robot was funded by a grant from the Economic Stimulus Package.

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