Wednesday, December 22, 2010

North Korea Launches Fax War

Pyongyang, Dec 22, 2010. North Korea has launched a "Fax War" against South Korea, by faxing propaganda material to a large number of South Korean organizations and businesses.

These faxes shift the blame for its artillery attack on Yeonpyeong Island to the South Korean and U.S. governments in an attempt to foster conflict between conservatives and progressives in South Korea.

Elite North Korean Fax Operations Team
Pyongyang dispatched the propaganda fax from China to some 80 South Korean religious and social organizations and businesses, according to a Unification Ministry official.

The North Koreans are hoping to tie up enough South Korean fax machines that it would cripple the South Korean economy.

The fax repeats a claim that the South Korean government used the island's residents as "human shields." The South "attempted to avert our retaliatory strikes by mixing military facilities with residential villages and by drawing civilians into the military base and holding them hostage," it claims.

The fax threatens, "If a war breaks out, the South Korean people will suffer the most." 

North Korea is using their newest and most powerful high tech fax machine, the Kim Jong Fax Pro Model 9 in this effort. The Model 9 is capable of sending over three faxes per hour, and only requires a nine man crew to operate.

Modern North Korean Fax Machine
North Korea mounted a similar propaganda after torpedoing the Navy corvette Cheonan and prior to and following the local and by-elections as well.

Pyongyang dispatched some 40 faxes denying the findings of an international investigation of the Cheonan sinking and some 70 calling for a defeat of the government and the ruling party in the June 2 elections.

A critical shortage of thermal fax paper could derail the North Korean offensive.

U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, has pledged to supply North Korea with thermal fax paper in exchange for their promise to abandon their nuclear bomb construction project.

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