Saturday, December 11, 2010

Obama Appoints Clinton as "1993 President Czar"

"Here's what he meant to say"
Washington DC, Dec 11, 2010. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, has appointed former President Bill Clinon, D- Arkansas, to be his official "1993 President Czar" and to cover for him whenever he feels he is in over his head.

Former President Clinton graciously accepted the appointment, saying "It feels great being back in the saddle again."

The new Czar took over for President Obama yesterday after he fumbled the ball on  the tax compromise bill, and spoke for over 60 minutes at a White House press conference without needing or using a teleprompter.

The President looked on in awe, as the former President schooled him in the proper way to "connect with voters." Former President Clinton expressed strong support for President Obama's tax compromise plan, saying "If we fail to make this compromise, we will end up with a permanent tax cut when the Republicans take control of the House next month."

"I should have said something like that" President Obama whispered to Vice President Biden. Biden replied, "Shut up and learn something. Pay attention. See how it's done."

President Obama later explained to reporters, "I didn't do this because I am in over my head, although it's pretty obvious that I am. I made this move because my schedule is so tight that I just need help from Bill Clinton right now."

"Michelle is pissed off because we are late for a party, and we still haven't packed for our Hawaiian extravaganza vacation yet. At least this way, Bill Clinton can help me free up my time for the more important work of vacationing and golfing."


  1. I wonder IF Bubba taught Obumble how to question the meaning of the word "IS"?

  2. Obama just opened the door for the Clintons return to the WH IMO.
    He can't even handle his base.
    He needs Clinton to explain what he obviously is incapable of doing.
    The media said it was a "surprise press conference". It only made Obama look like a little boy who needed his daddy to get him out of the mess he created.

    I thought it was particularly insulting that he just walked off because Michelle was waiting.
    He doesn't yet realize that his job is a 24/7 affair? He came off looking like he couldn't be bothered.
    I don't think it did him ANY good.
    He looked weaker to those who don't support him, and for those who once did, they now see light at the end of the tunnel in the form of Hillary.

  3. Obama keeps proving that Hillary was right when she said "he just isn't ready." Everyone can see he is in way over his head. The reason he vacations so much is because it's the only thing he really does well.

    He probably didn't even realize that Bill Clinton just made him look like a fool, by reminding us that good leaders can speak without a teleprompter.