Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vice President Solves Budget Crisis

Biden is excited about the good news!
Washington DC, Jan 2, 2011. Vice President Joseph Biden, D-DE, announced today that he has personally found a solution for dangerously high Federal Budget Deficit.

"I inherited a large sum of money, and as soon as I get it I plan to pay the national debt off" he told us.

The Vice President went on to explain that he had received an email from Dr, Jomo Mumbata, a bank official at the Central Bank of Nigeria that included some very good news.

"It seems I have inherited $19 trillion from a relative I never even knew I had! The poor guy was killed in a freak railroad accident back in 2006, an the bank was holding the money until they could locate me!"

Dr, Jomo
Since the national debt is currently around $14 trillion, this means Biden will have $5 trillion left over after paying off the debt.

Biden explained that all he will have to do to collect the funds is to send a Western Union money order for $9 million to cover bank fees and transfer costs.

President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, has assured the Vice President that he can easily get that much money from the Stimulus Petty Cash Fund, and just replace it later after the check clears.

President Obama told us, "One thing for certain is that you can trust African banks. The banks in Africa are much more trustworthy than the ones we have here in the USA. My own father was a bank official for the Bank of Kenya, so I know this from personal experience."

Just a small portion of the Biden inheritance
We asked the Vice President why he was being so generous with his new found wealth.

"It's like this," he told us, "this country has been good to me, and I think its time to pay back my debt to this wonderful nation."

"Besides, I really don't need the money. I have everything I need. So it's just time to do something nice for America."

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