Friday, January 7, 2011

Chicago Machine Blames Obama For Labor Shortage

Richard Daley is new Chief of Staff
Chicago, Jan 7, 2011. Joseph Berrios the Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party criticized President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, for robbing their organization of so many talented individuals.

"Today he took Richard M. Daley, and he took dozens of others for those Czar jobs. He is making it impossible for us to run our daily operations. This has to stop," he told us.

Berrios attributes their severe labor shortage directly to President Obama, who keeps filling openings in his administration with Chicago people who were trusted allies from his days as a Chicago political boss.
Joseph Berrios

"We don't mind Obama taking a few of our key people, but he seems to want them all," Berrios went on to say. "This just isn't fair."

"Why can't he just get more of his cronies from Goldman Sachs? We've done our part. We gave him our best talent. He needs to start looking elsewhere for people, or he will ruin us."

The Spin Cycle called the White House, but President Obama was not available for comment on this matter, and would not return our phone calls.

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