Sunday, January 16, 2011

President needs Jumbotron to get Applause

Jan 16, 2011. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, cannot speak before an audience without using a teleprompter. Anytime he tries, he stutters, stumbles, and "misspeaks."

This fact is pretty well documented. He even brought his teleprompter when he paid a visit to Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia a year ago.

But now it seems it isn't enough to make certain that the President "gets it right," it is now critical that the audience gets it right too.

Last Thursday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that they were surprised by the applause at the Memorial Pep rally on Wednesday for the victims of the Tucson shootings.
I will say that I read the speech several times and thought that there wouldn’t be a lot of applause if any. I think many of us thought that. But I think there was a celebration, again, of the lives of those who had been impacted. Not just at that grocery store but throughout the country. And I think that, if that is part of the healing process, then that’s a good thing.
The White House shouldn't have been that surprised that President Obama was getting cheers and applause during the Memorial Pep Rally, since they were flashing an "APPLAUSE" sign at the audience during his speech.

The excuse will probably be that these weren’t stage directions, just merely the assumption that the president would have to pause while the expected applause happened.

But, if you put “APPLAUSE” into the text on a Jumbotron, a sufficient number of people in the audience will probably applaud.

And just in case you missed the Memorial Pep Rally, but still want to pick-up a Tee-shirt, no problem: Ebay has you covered.
For just $22.90, plus $2.79 for shipping you can have your very own Tucson Memorial Pep Rally tee shirt, complete with the Obama 2012 campaign slogan printed across the front of it.

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