Thursday, August 11, 2011

Opinion: Was There Any Real Difference Between Them?

The two candidates in the 2008 election
Every day we see Republicans and Democrats sparring on every possible political issue.

Each side will demonize the other. The Republicans will be called "mean, heartless, greedy and selfish." The Democrats will be called "naive, foolish, treasonous, and elitist."

Most of us seem to believe there is some vast ideological difference between these two parties. But there really is very little difference between them. They seem to agree on almost 100% of all issues.

They just differ on the minor details, then magnify those differences for the sake of political rhetoric and exploit them for political advantage.

Their goal is to make YOU think you that YOU have a real choice, when you really have none. Their real goal is to win an election, or stay in office if they won the last one. They really don't give a rat's ass about what is good for the country. Just what is best for them.

Want proof? Then consider the following: 

BOTH parties have swallowed the Global Warming Hoax. Their only real difference is whether we should punish energy users more or less, and whether we should drive jobs offshore faster or slower. They even agree on this Cap and Trade stuff that penalizes any company that uses fossil fuel!

BOTH parties support Deficit Spending to buy votes. Their only real difference is whether we should borrow and raise taxes to spend more, or if we should just borrow without raising taxes to spend more. The later is only slightly less dangerous than the former.  Both parties will create new entitlement programs, while exempting themselves from having to participate in them.  

BOTH parties support Socializing Medicine. The Democrats see this as a vital way to make more people dependent on bigger government and to bolster their false image as being "more caring." The Republicans actually know it's a huge mistake, but figure they had to offer a "slightly less damaging alternative."

BOTH parties support Free Trade agreements that drive jobs offshore, and neither one wants these laws to be reciprocal. We open our markets to others, while they close their markets to us. The only reason they can get away with this is because we have too many stupid voters who cannot grasp the concepts involved.

BOTH parties support Illegal Immigration. The Republicans want cheap labor, and the Democrats want more disaffected minorities here, thinking they will eventually become Democrat voters. The Democrats want to pass tough immigration laws, but never enforce them. The Republicans want to build half a fence, as some symbol of defiance. Neither party has done anything to really control our borders since World War II. Now you know why.

BOTH parties are corrupted by lobbyists and special interests and can be bought and sold by huge corporate powers. I give the Democrats a lot of credit by doing the seemingly impossible. They somehow managed to get solid support from all the labor unions, while simultaneously getting solid support from all the huge multinational banks and corporations. They have no shame about buying support from GE or Goldman Sachs by giving them free tax money to bail them out when they screw up. I admire the chutzpah involved.

BOTH parties want the USA to police the world and promote "Nation Building." And this is a terrible waste of American money and blood. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, campaigned on a promise to "end the war on day one," but instead he escalated the war in Afghanistan, started another war in Libya, and then started a robot drone war in Yemen. And his voters were too stupid to notice. Where did Cindy Sheehan go?

I could give you a dozen more good examples, but I think you get the idea.

Every single time one party gets complete control of government they fail to enact the reforms they proposed. Because they really don't want those reforms. Those were just empty promises made to their voters. Political "pillow talk."

When the GOP had full control of government, they did not outlaw abortions or outlaw gay marriage rights, even though they have been talking about doing just that for the last 30 years.  That was just pillow talk for the Christian Conservatives. They didn't lift any bans on drilling our own oil. In fact, they imposed a few more drilling bans of their own. More pillow talk.

When the Democrats have full control, like they did in President Obama's first two years in office, they conveniently forgot all the promises they made to their left wing voting base. Please note, they DID NOT raise taxes for the rich, they DID NOT "bring back the draft", they DID NOT "end the war" and they DID NOT "close Camp X-Ray and release the terrorist suspects." Even though they had the votes to do it, and had promised their voters they would do it.

And this is despite having super-majorities in BOTH houses of Congress, and president Obama sitting in the White House. This tells you that they never meant to do these things, this was just pillow talk for the radical left.

Both Ron Paul and Ralph Nader are threats to the two main parties
And here is the kicker. Whenever ANYONE emerges who doesn't substantially agree with these two parties, then both parties will attack them to marginalize them and destroy their chances to actually offer different solutions.

This applies equally to Ralph Nader and the Green Party, and to Ron Paul and the Tea Party.

They just don't want anyone offering you any real alternatives. They prefer their rigged game, where you must choose a "lesser evil" from two horrible choices.

And both choices seem to agree on all the issues. They just have minor disagreements on the means to implement them.

Lets face it... when your choice is Barack Obama or John McCain, then everyone loses except those who thrive on the political status quo. People like Dennis Kucinich and Sarah Palin will be destroyed by the two major parties and their friends in the media.

What this all means is that BOTH major parties are corrupt, and have conspired to create the illusion of a democratic choice, while offering you none. This explains why campaign themes are always tied to vague concepts like "hope and change" and not to specific plans and policies.

The bottom line is things will stay this way until we get fed up enough and do something about it. And that day may never happen, because people are too convinced that they need 400 cable channels and really slick smart phones and tablets to play with.

These things are more important to many voters than having a real choice on election day. And the proof is that almost half of us don't even bother to vote.

Some call not voting a dereliction of civic duty, but does it even matter if your only choices are both bad ones? By denying Americans a real choice both political parties have conspired to create a government driven by special interests.

Thomas Jefferson was right when he said "People will get the government they deserve."


  1. I wish it weren't so, but I simply cannot disagree with you. We're once again forced to choose the lesser of two evils.