Sunday, August 21, 2011

Opinion: They Myth of Christian Terrorism

Whenever the subject of Islamic terrorism comes up, some radical liberal or "progressive" will mention Timothy McVeigh as an example of Christian terrorism. I think they believe this "balances the scales" and proves that "anyone can be a terrorist" not just Moslems.

Timothy McVeigh was literally a godsend for people who wanted to criticize Christians, because he was a much more current example then their previous example...."The Spanish Inquisition" from 1480 to around 1532.

Finally, with Timothy McVeigh, they had a modern example of how bad Christians could be!

Lets examine this theory more closely by looking at the facts.

Timothy McVeigh was a psychopath who happened to be born in a Christian family. His imagined grievances were with the government, not with "non Christians." In fact he blew up a government building to make some kind of sick protest against the government's bungled raids at Waco and Ruby Ridge.

There is absolutely no evidence that McVeigh had any religious motivation to commit this crime. Yet we keep seeing him offered as "proof that Christians have terrorists too."

McVeigh was hunted down, captured, tried and convicted of murder in the first degree. Around six years later he was executed. In the USA, being executed six years after a crime is consider "a speedy resolution" since it usually takes twice that long.

No one named their newborn sons "Timothy" in his honor.
No books were written praising him.
No Christian group holds him up as a good example.

The U.S. Congress even passed a law immediately prior to his execution that would deny him burial rights in any military cemetery.

In fact, this man was scorned and universally despised in our Christian society.

This is your "Christian Terrorist!" Well, they are half right, because he certainly was a terrorist, but using the label "Christian" is dishonest because it implies that Christianity had something to do with his crimes.

Islamic terrorists gather in Mosques and plot their crimes there. They have been known to hide weapons in their Mosques, thinking they will be less likely to be attacked. The first attack on the WTC in 1993 was planned and carried out by Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahma (The Blind Sheik") who was a Mullah and Qur'anic scholar.

And then we have Osama bin Laden, who is literally worshiped by millions of people in the Islamic world. The most popular name for newborn boys born in Saudi Arabia was "Osama" for a long while after the 911 attack.

Osama bin Laden never made a speech where he didn't invoke Allah and Mohammed as his motivation to kill. He patiently tried to explain to us that he was committing these crimes against us because we violated Islamic laws and customs. At least in his view. 

Osama bin Laden would routinely blame Jews and Infidels, and call for their death.

Osama bin Laden was surrounded by sympathetic Mullahs and Imams who enabled, encouraged and supported his crimes. It was Mullah Omar in Afghanistan who hosted this monster.

Osama bin Laden had millions of fervent supporters. You would be hard pressed to find a dozen people who genuinely supported McVeigh's crime.

Almost ten years after the 911 attack, bin Laden was found hiding in The Islamic Republic of Pakisan. Obviously he had plenty of help in avoiding capture for so long. 

He was killed in a military raid, and President Obama had his body unceremoniously buried at sea, probably so there would be no shrine or monument to inflame other Moslems.

The Blind Sheik
We can all agree that Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist, but to infer he was a "Christian Terrorist" and was somehow motivated by religious faith, is patently absurd and dishonest.

McVeigh's Christian background had absolutely no relevance to the crime he committed. His Christian upbringing was a coincidence, not a cause for his crimes.

It might be just as honest to call him the "Buffalo NY Killer."

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  1. Excellent commentary. Yes indeed, McVeigh
    gave critics a face to put on the so called
    "Christian Terrorist",a myth that doesn't exist. McVeigh wasn't a practicing Chritian who follwed the Commandment "Thou Shall Not Kill." The Christian faith does not preach violence as Islam does. If anything, McVeigh was an anarchis who opposed government. The only similarity in his actions and that of Isamic Terrorist is that innocent people were killed, but the motivations were completely different.

    Great job on making the distinction that
    many fail to see.