Saturday, August 27, 2011

Obama: Virginia Earthquake Caused by the "Bush Fault"

Washington DC. Aug 27, 2011. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, now back at the White House,  revealed today that the 5.8 earthquake in Virginia last Tuesday was caused by the "Bush Fault."

The President explained that the Bush Fault-line that runs from Lynchburg to Fredericksburg was responsible for the earthquake. "Not very many people have heard about the Bush Fault, but it has been lurking there for over 20 million years, just waiting to cause a problem like this," the President said.

When reached for comment, former President George W. Bush, D-TX,  told us "I had nothing to do with this. The fault-line was named for a different Bush, a geologist from William and Mary College named Dr. Seymour R. Bush who discovered it in 1907."

President Barack Obama said that "this could be possible," but added "even if it wasn't G.W. Bush's fault-line, it was another Bush who was responsible. The whole family is no damn good."

The President continued, saying "He's done this kind of thing before, like in March when he caused that terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan."

"Maybe that fault wasn't named after him that time, but he still caused it by giving senseless tax cuts to the rich, and water-boarding innocent Moslem terror suspects."

"You just can't fix all the problems Bush created overnight. It could take twenty, or thirty or even a hundred more years for Democrats to fix the mess Bush left behind him," the President added.

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