Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Opinion: Why The Black Vote Is Irrelevant

Democrats used attack dogs on Civil Rights marchers
In the 2008 Presidential election 95% of the black vote went to the Democrats. And this was not unexpected.

This was only slightly more than the Democrats usually get in presidential elections, and was likely due to  Democrat candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, being part black.

Normally, the lion's share of the black vote goes to Democrats. You would have to look back more than half a century ago to find the last time the Party of Lincoln carried the black vote.

In 1984, when Republican Ronald Reagan won in a landslide, winning in 49 states, the Democrats still got 91% of the black vote. Similarly, in 1972 when Republican Richard Nixon won in another landslide, getting an unheard of 70% of the popular vote, the Democrats still got 64% of the black vote.

They used fire hoses on protestors
This all started when the Democrat Party, who had long been the ones who gave us the Ku Klux Klan, Black Codes, Poll Taxes, Segregation, Jim Crow Laws and other repressive legislation transformed themselves.

They became the party that was all for welfare rights, government housing, government healthcare, affirmative action quotas, and generally for more lenient treatment for criminals, many of whom were black.

The Democrat Party very skillfully managed to make their own history irrelevant, by reinventing themselves as the black voter's best friend. And it worked so well that the Democrats today completely own the black vote.

There is absolutely nothing that Republicans can do to capture the black vote now. So they have stopped wasting their time trying. They have written it off, and they work around it.

The net effect of this has been twofold.

First, the Democrat Party benefits greatly by owning the black vote. This is a voting block they can count on, no matter what they do or don't do. They can lie to these voters and they will still get their votes. They can promise them anything and not deliver it. This is the most reliable Democrat Party voting block, and can be taken for granted without any real risk of losing their votes.

And this leads directly to the second consequence, which is much more significant for black voters: their votes are NOT in play. They now have no seat at the table, and have effectively disenfranchised themselves by not being up for grabs. The Democrats will take them for granted and the Republicans will write them off, and work around them.

If a group wants political power in America, then their votes must be available. And this applies to any group, not just racial groups. For example...

Organized Labor - This group, while mostly voting Democrat, will switch back and forth, brokering for the best deal they can get. Take the Teamsters Union, as an example. Their votes are in play, and are available to the highest bidder. While it's true they supported Clinton, Gore, Kerry and Obama, they also supported Nixon and Reagan. This is precisely how a small group can have influence; the textbook definition of political power.

The NRA - While mostly supporting Republicans, they will support and even donate campaign money generously to Democrats if they support the right to bear arms. They have been very successful in blocking or watering down gun control laws by swinging their support to individual candidates who support their views, rather than political parties who may or may not always be with them.

Independent Voters - these are the most powerful voters in America today, because they hold the balance of power. They decide every single election, and around 95% of every campaign dollar spent is aimed directly at them. They are the swing voters who have no particular party allegiance. While 40% of us vote Republican, and 40% of us vote Democrat, it is the other 20% who determine the outcome. This is the group who will decide whether President Obama wins reelection, because everyone else is either solidly for or against him.

It is a complete myth to think that black people elected Barack Obama in 2008. They simply do not have enough votes to do it, they don't contribute enough money to make any real difference, and they don't do enough campaign volunteering to sway the results.

MLK was a Republican, who was wiretapped by Democrats
They are still only 12% of the population, and 10% of the people who actually turn out to vote.

It was a coalition of mostly liberal white voters and a great many independent white voters who wanted some sort of change who elected Obama.

The bottom line is pretty clear. If black voters want political power, then they must put their votes in play.

And it doesn't look like that will happen any time soon.

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