Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kenya Sends Formal Complaint to Spin Cycle

Kenyan Banking Official
Jun 19, 2011. The Spin Cycle has received formal notification from the government of Kenya to "immediately cease" identifying President Barack Hussein Obama as a citizen of Kenya.

This demand came to us today in an email received from a Dr. Koso Bongo, who represents himself as a high ranking official in the Kenyan government and a prominent banker.

It seems that the Kenyan Government didn't mind President Obama being called "a Kenyan" when his poll numbers were much higher, but now that he has demonstrated his total incompetence they are disavowing him completely.

We have referred the matter to our attorneys.

However, there is some good news in all of this. Dr. Bongo has asked us to join him in a business partnership in which we will get a 40% share of $15.5 million in unclaimed bank assets. Our Board of Directors is giving this proposition some serious consideration.

Here is a reproduction of the email we received today:


  1. I hope you are not joking with us. If this is true.....keep it up, buddy.