Sunday, December 4, 2011

Media Slander Campaign Claims Another Victim

Herman Cain
Atlanta, Dec 4, 2011. Yesterday Presidential candidate Herman Cain suspended his campaign, effectively ending his run for the White House.

Cain had been the victim of a relentless character assassination  campaign in which various women with financial problems and long records of filing lawsuits surfaced to denounce him.

At first the claim was "sexual harassment" but when this failed a woman was found who alleged a 13 year extramarital affair with Mr. Cain.

While the last charge, an inappropriate friendship with a divorced woman with many financial problems was probably true, the media hyped it into an enormous scandal that ultimately caused Mr. Cain to withdraw from the race.

Ironically, the nature of this friendship didn't come close to the Bill Clinton scandal involving Monica Lewinski ("DNA stained blue dress") or the John Edwards scandal involving Rielle Hunter ("love child") or the Barney Frank scandal ("come to my house and rent a teenaged boy for an hour") or Al Gore's scandal ("massage parlor antics"). But since the Liberal Media never holds Democrats to the same high standard as they hold Republicans, the die was cast. 

Not one of these leftwing politicians was treated to the same sort of vicious media smear campaign that any conservative politician routinely gets. Their transgressions were portrayed as "honest mistakes" and not "serious character flaws which make them ineligible for high office."

You can add Herman Cain to the long list of conservative politicians that have thoroughly been slimed, slandered and rendered "unelectable" by the leftwing media.

Here isn a list of outstanding people who the media either prevented from holding high office, or tried to hound out of office because of their conservative politics. In some cases they simply could not win an election because the slander was so complete:

* Barry Goldwater
* Robert Bork
* Dan Quayle
* Clarence Thomas
* Richard Nixon
* Ross Perot
* Ronald Reagan
* GW Bush
* John Bolton
* Sarah Palin

In each case, the media will find some way to destroy them, either by ridicule or by exaggerating a misquote. The will create the common conception that they are "too far to the right," or worse yet, "complete buffoons and idiots." In severe cases, they will just invent a series of colorful lies, like in the case of Sarah Palin.

Sometimes they cannot stop a conservative from being elected, but they can still hound them out of office. As in the case of Richard Nixon. 

Was Nixon's corrupt behavior any worse than Clinton's?
I'd say definitely not. 

He never made one cent for his own personal gain. Every ethical lapse he made was for some misguided "good of the nation" reason. Clinton, on the other hand, was getting bribes funneled to his "presidential library" and his "campaign fund." Clinton even sold military secrets to Red China. Clinton sold pardons to drug dealers and to people who supplied weapons to terrorists. The media had absolutely no problem with any of this.

It should be noted that they tried this slander strategy on Ronald Reagan and GW Bush too, and failed. It doesn't always work, but it does achieve it's goal a great deal of the time.

The slander is SO EFFECTIVE that even conservatives end up saying things like "I really like Sarah Palin, but if we nominate her we will lose. Because the deck is stacked against her." And they are right.

The Radical Left has placed themselves in the enviable position of getting to pick their own candidate... and getting to pick your's too. And this only works because they have an iron grip control over the media and popular culture.

Once they grind up their hate machine, they can destroy anyone. Which explains why some Conservatives tred very lightly, and measure every word they say. 

They know any mistake will be magnified and exploited. And in the meanwhile, Obama can say we have 57 states, and Biden can say JOBS is a three letter word with total immunity. Gore can even claim the movie "Love Story" was written about him and Tipper! These things will slip by completely unnoticed, and will be quickly forgotten.

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  1. Din-g-Harry's income has substantially increased during his tenure in the senate. Where did this money come from. Yep, bribes also.