Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Teleprompter Inventor Dies; President expresses grief

Stamford CN, Apr 27, 2011. Hubert J. “Hub” Schlafly Jr., has died on April 20th at age 91 at Stamford Hospital after a brief illness.

A prolific inventor, Schlafly is best known for developing the teleprompter in collaboration with Irving Berlin Kahn and Fred Barton, Jr.

He co-founded the TelePrompTer Corporation, and was its Executive Vice President and later as its President.

Schlafly is widely considered as the person most responsible for the election of President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, since his invention enabled President Obama to seem competent at public speaking.

A seamlessly executed teleprompter aided speech allows the speaker to read from notes while giving the impression that the speech is given from memory. And this is precisely what a good politician wants to do.

President Barack Obama, is often hailed by supporters as a gifted orator. But the truth is that he cannot speak before an audience without using a teleprompter.

Whenever he tries, he ends up making some very obvious error... like saying we have 57 states, or calling Marines "Corpsemen."

Once President Obama realized his shortcoming, he relied on teleprompters for 100% of all public speaking engagements.

He even went so far as to demand two teleprompters for a speaking engagement before a class of third graders when he visited Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia.

In honor of Hubert Schlafly the President has declared an official week of mourning. All flags will be flown at half staff at all federal buildings, and the President says he "will not vacation during this period."

"This is a very sad day for America," President Obama said in a very solemn tone.

"We have lost a very great man. Without him, I would still be sitting on the Chicago City Council" the President told us, choking back tears.

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