Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fat Sloppy Woman Arrested at GOP Town Hall Meeting

Fat, sloppy, former Air America Host
Fort  Lauderdale FL, Apr 27, 2011.  Former Air America radio talk show host Nicole Sandler was arrested Tuesday night after a raucous South Florida GOP town hall meeting.

The meeting, held that the Calvary Chapel on West Crypress Creek Road, got off to a rocky start when a handful of protestors heckled speaker U.S. Rep. Allen West over Medicare and his requirement that questions had to submitted in writing. Police escorted them out of the room.
When West tried to explain the Republican position on Medicare, Sandler peppered him with questions and comments.   When she refused to stop to talking, Fort Lauderdale Police spokesperson Travis Mandell said she was led out of the room in handcuffs for being disruptive.

On her way out Sandler reportedly began arguing with the officer and was arrested.  She was charged with trespassing after a warning.


  1. Being prescreened to ask questions and when asking a question your arrested? What is this nazi germany? This was a town hall meeting, democracy is a 2 way street.

  2. I think the woman was arrested for refusing to stop disrupting the meeting. She was warned, and kept shouting, so the police hauled her off.

    I agree that prescreened questions are a pretty bad idea, but isn't this exactly how President Barack Hussein Obama conducts his Town Hall meetings? All questions are scripted and pre approved, all answers are read off a teleprompter.

    It's actually bizarre that the radical left says they are for free speech, while they call for shutting down talk radio to silence any dissent.

  3. Marty4650,

    The reason why this woman was arrested was she was "Trespassing". the Problem with this is that Trespassing is an intentional crime. Meaning that you have to first know, or be given "fair notice", that you are. If you look at this event this was open to the public, probably advertised to.... She was not Trespassing until she was told to leave. From The video's I have seen she would appear to be leaving. She is making a fuss if you look carefully the cop is touching her. Which by definition is assault. If she was not leaving then the cop could have put his hand on her. However given the information that I have, she did nothing illegal. Further more, this was just a bad deal all around. Having someone arrested at an event like this looks bad for the host of the event. The best way to handle this is to get her off of the premises and act like the bigger person, and ignore them. Then you look better, then them and boost your public image .

    I'm pretty up set that this has not made any national news, this is a big deal. Instead we get news stories about Donald Trump, who has not officially ran for president yet. This is not the first time he has said he has ran then backed out. Lets wait for him to officially run, then we can see him in prime time news. Id have to wait and see but he could have my vote. He has Ran a very successful company for a very long time.

    Lastly please give your proof that the radical left wants to shut down talk radio, and that they hate free speech. If you have not been paying attention lately, the republicans have been trying to de-fund, PBS and NPR. That is the only attack on free speech that I can recall. If your going to state things like that please state facts the facts so that we all might learn.