Thursday, April 7, 2011

Congress offers bill to pay soldiers; Obama threatens veto

With a snap of his fingers he could have you killed!
Washington DC. Apr 7, 2011. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, continues to play politics with America's budget crisis.

Since the Democrat controlled Congress failed to pass a 2011 budget last October, President Obama has now decided to now blame the new Republican House for this intransigence of the Democrats.

And he's pretty confident that his voters will fall for it. They tried this trick before, and it worked like a charm. All you need is very stupid voters.

President Obama and the Democrats have been "kicking the can" down the street for over six months now by sponsoring and approving multiple "temporary continuing resolutions" to fund the government for one or two more weeks without a formal budget.

"I have no idea what I'm doing"
The Obama plan is to keep kicking the can downstream until the next president is sworn in on January 21st 2013. Then, he can retire and hit the leftwing lecture circuit, and collect six figures for one hour speaking engagements like former President Clinton does.

The latest chapter in the Obama Budget Debaucle was caused by the GOP's refusal to vote for a budget that spends more money that last year's budget that had a $1.6 Trillion deficit. So they modestly requested a $61 billion cut.

Lets put this in perspective. A $61 billion cut on a $3.83 trillion budget amounts to exactly a 1.5% cut.

This means 98.5% of the funds are still there. This is the equivalent of having a budget of $3,830 for  something and being forced to only spend $3,769! Hardly a draconian cut.

Put this in the context of an Administration whose spending is so out of control that they must borrow $4 billion PER DAY from China just to get by. And they just can't seem to find a way to cut 1.5% of this money!

Will Hillary get the last laugh?
President Obama and the Democrats went to their usual strategy to preserve every penny of spending. They accused the GOP of wanting to starve old people, kill children, fire police and firefighters, and not pay our soldiers.

They made absolutely no mention about "cutting spending for tattoo removal in California, or Cowboy Poetry Festivals in Nevada, or genital washing clinics in Nigeria.

They just bring up the things we all can agree on, while not mentioning the rest.

And then the Democrats offered their counter proposal. They would agree to cut $33 billion, which "meets the GOP more than half way." They feel a 0.7% cut is more than sufficient in a time when you are running a $1.6 Trillion deficit.

The Democrats then cleverly reminded America that not only would the GOP proposed cuts starve old people and kill children, but would result in our soldiers going unpaid too!

The Republicans then offered a bill to guarantee that soldiers would be paid and Social Security would be unaffected. But President Obama, D-Kenya, now says he will veto this bill if it comes to his desk. He calls it a "distraction" and warns that this tiny budget cut will "ruin his economic recovery"..... which hasn't even started yet.

The President is convinced we need to borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend, and he says we can't cut any of it.

All of that genital washing and Cowboy poetry is vital for his recovery.

And we are in our third year of patiently waiting for that recovery to happen, while Obama keeps piling on more and more national debt.

And after President Obama vetoes the bill that requires that soldiers get paid, he will blame the GOP if they don't get paid.

And he will probably get away with it, because his fans really are that stupid.

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