Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today's Question: Does Obama Deserve a Second Term?

The Spin Cycle will be featuring periodic "man on the street" interviews in which we will randomly stop people and ask them a question. Then we will share the results with our readers. This is our way of doing our own polling to keep our finger on the pulse of the nation.

Today's question is "Does President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, deserve a second term? 

Jason Berkowitz, Occupy Wall Street Protestor:

 "Yes, without a doubt President Obama should get a second term. I blame Bush for my failure to find a job after spending the last nine years in college getting my French History degree. 

Obama should do the right thing and forgive our student loans after he wins reelection. I think this 99 week limit on unemployment checks is pure bullshit. It should be more like 400 weeks."
Janice Foster-Williams, Professor of Feminist Studies:

 "We made history when we elected President Obama. Not only is he the first black president, but he is the first gay president as well. 

And I say, it is about damn time that gays, lesbians and transgender people get a chance to achieve high office too. Both me and my husband Cynthia will be voting for Obama this year."

Gayisha Barrows, Welfare Client and single mother:

 "I thanks President Baracks Obama for my free food, my free gubmint housing, and my free cell phone. If it wasn't for Obama my five babies be starving. 

So I be voting for him five or six times this year. He the best thing to come down da pike since dat dreamboat James who wuz Florida Evans man on Good Times."
Ted Kennedy, deceased former U.S. Senator from Mass:

 "There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Barack Osama should get a second term. He's done a terrific job adding more government workers and driving up the national debt. Just look at all those Czars he hired. 

It is wonderful having an honest President again, who doesn't lie about WMDs. Even though I've been dead for almost three years, I plan to vote for Obama this November."


  1. I'm dying here, Marty! This is your best one yet. Hubby is also laughing. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

    "Great truth is often spoken in jest"


  2. Jason Berkowitz your lack of empoyment wouldn't have anything to do with your finger stuck in your nose, course where was it before who knows.
    Janice Foster-Williams you sure you are female?

    Gayisha Barrows unless you had 5 kids since Obama took office you got free everything before Obama was there. Have some more kids

    Ted Kennedy looking a bit pale there?

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