Tuesday, June 19, 2012

President Barack Obama Achieves Historic Milestone

Washington DC, June 19, 2012. On Father's Day last Sunday President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, reached a historic milestone in his presidency..

He played his 100th round of golf in less than four years, while simultaneously failing to deliver on any of his campaign promises.

The president who promised us hope and change has delivered nothing by lots of vacations and golf instead. In his less than four years in office, he played four times more golf than President Bush did in his eight years in office.

Since it takes him about six hours to drive to the greens and complete 18 holes, Mr. Obama has spent the equivalent of four months’ worth of work time golfing. Meanwhile, the U.S. economy has been stuck in a sand trap.

2009 - 27 rounds.
Before Mr. Obama teed off for the first time as president, he delivered a State of the Union address that promised his new stimulus bill would “save or create 3.5 million jobs.” At that time, February 2009, unemployment was 8.3 percent and the debt was $10.8 trillion. He kicked off the golf streak on April 26, 2009, and he played a total of 27 rounds in his first year, which means "more than twice a month."

But this record would be eclipsed the next year, as the economy worsened and he felt the need to spend more time vacationing and golfing.

2009 - 31 rounds.
When he returned to the Capitol the following year, he stood in front of then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with unemployment at 9.7 percent. He asked the Democratic Congress for a second stimulus and an overhaul of the health care system, and Congress gave him everything he asked for .

President Obama is sponsored by many large corporations
After giving his own staff huge raises, the President  said he would freeze government spending for three years, starting in 2011, but that idea got lost in the woods during the 31 golf games he played in 2010, using his personalized “44” Titleist balls, which remind haughty caddies he’s the 44th president.

By the time Mr. Obama gave his annual address to Congress in 2011, he was standing in front of new House Speaker John A. Boehner, brought in during the Republicans’ midterm wave.

Unemployment was still at a high 9.1 percent. Mr. Obama announced, “This is our generation’s Sputnik moment” and demanded more money be spent. The debt hit $14 trillion as the President demanded more and more spending.
2011 - 34 rounds.
Last year, the number of Mr. Obama’s golf outings rose to 34, and many turned out to be memorable. He was on the green on May 1, 2011, when the Navy SEALs were en route to Pakistan, cutting his game to nine holes to hear of their successful mission against Osama bin Laden. Mr. Obama’s golf partners included Mr. Boehner, former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Joseph R. Biden, who got asked to tag along with the boss four times in 2011.

By the time Mr. Obama gave this year’s State of the Union address, he had 92 golf games on his scorecard. Unemployment was 8.3 percent, having never gone below 8 percent in his presidency. He took no responsibility for the $15.2 trillion debt or the nation’s credit-rating downgrade. Instead, he called for higher taxes and the “Buffett rule” while hosting the billionaire’s secretary in his guest box for the speech.

The President enjoys playing golf more than working
2012 - 8 rounds 
(so far)
Mr. Obama had no sense of shame about playing 100 rounds of golf while the rest of us couldn’t even afford the cost or time to go play golf once.

He doesn't seem to care about 48 million people on food stamps, or record percentages living below the poverty level.

Now he is asking for a second term to finish what he started. This means... "playing more golf."

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